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Dolly Parton Says She Doesn't Care About Getting Older: 'You Can't Stop The Aging Process'

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By Favour Adegoke on February 7, 2023 at 3:00 PM EST

Dolly Parton may be almost 80 years old, but she doesn't care about getting older. The iconic singer, who has spent over five decades in the music industry, revealed that she likes the aging process. Parton, who celebrated her 77th birthday last month, noted that she was happy to have lived that long.

The "Jolene" singer also revealed that she wasn't scared of dying. As long as she's healthy, Parton plans to have fun and make every day of her life count. The star also noted that she doesn't have any anti-aging skincare products or routine. The star still "feels" young and starts her days as early as 3 am.

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Dolly Parton Does Not Care About Aging

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In an interview with Insider, the "Coat Of Many Colors" singer explained that the "aging process" was unavoidable. Parton also noted that everyone would experience getting older. In response to whether she would want to be young again, Parton said, "I don't feel my age, I don't think my age, and hopefully I don't look my age."

The star also remarked that being young would stress her both mentally and physically. "Honestly… when I see young people today and I see what they're going to have to go through, especially in this day and time, I would honestly rather be this age than that age," the country star said.

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Parton noted that she had become much wiser with old age and was grateful for that. Her opinion comes after several Hollywood stars revealed that they wanted to stay younger. However, stars like Cindy Crawford and Drew Barrymore have previously shared Parton's opinion on aging.

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Being Older Does Not Hold The Country Music Icon Back

Dolly Parton at Glastonbury Festival 2014

The "9 to 5" star recounted her sleeping and waking schedule during the interview. She noted that she still kept late nights even at her age. Parton also revealed that she had a routine of getting up at 3 am. She said, "I don't require as much sleep as a lot of other people do. That's kind of a Parton family trait."

The award-winning country music icon said she planned to make the rest of her days count whether or not she died the next minute. While she thinks about being young sometimes, she doesn't regret growing older. She noted, "I may live to be 100 or I may die tomorrow, but whenever that is, I will know I died trying, and I will know I've done everything I could to make the most of everything."

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Although she does things people normally wouldn't do at her age, Parton takes her health seriously. She stated, "As long as I stay healthy, the numbers shouldn't matter. I don't feel my age, I don't work my age, I don't think my age, and hopefully, I don't look my age!"

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Dolly Parton Doesn't Use Anti-Aging Products

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The "Still Working 9 to 5" star revealed that she doesn't have any routines to help her age less or look younger. "I don't do any big rituals with my skin or anything." Parton also shared that she doesn't use any overly expensive products on her skin. "I don't think you have to pay a ton of money to have good products."

The icon noted that some cheaper products were as good as their expensive counterparts. "Most of the products that cost less are just as good, and sometimes better than the ones that cost a fortune."

Dolly Parton Speaks About Her Love For Cooking

Dolly Parton unveils dessert line

The "Joyful Noise" actress revealed that she loves to make Southern dishes and spends a lot of her time in the kitchen. Parton, who has been married to her husband, Carl Thomas, for 55 years, added that she likes to cook for him.

Her love for cooking also inspired her to add four other recipes to her cooking brand, "Duncan Hines." The star now has a variety of southern pastries, including cookies and brownies and "Southern cornbread."

While announcing the new additions, Parton noted that she had to add more recipes to the menu. The singer said to Insider, "we focused on the desserts before so we thought, 'Well, we need to have some more Southern foods." The star also gushed about her new buttermilk biscuit recipe.

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