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QVC Host David Venable Reveals INCREDIBLE 70-Pound Weight Loss

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By Favour Adegoke on February 5, 2023 at 10:00 PM EST

American TV personality and author David Venable has shared an incredible 70-pound weight loss transformation with his fans a year after starting the challenge.

Venable posted before and after pictures of his transformation on Instagram to mark the first anniversary of his quest to become his "best self."

The "In the Kitchen with David" host opened up about how challenging the journey was, highlighting the fact that he needed to develop new habits to finish it.

Read on for more details.

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David Venable Sheds 70-Pounds In His Weight Loss Journey

David Venable

Venable shared with fans via an Instagram post how amazing his progress has been one year after he began his weight loss journey.

The "QVC" host posted a before and after photo of himself on the media-sharing app and captioned it, "Hey Friends! Today marks the one-year anniversary of the beginning of my health journey."

He explained that just about a year ago, his doctors had pointed out to him the need to become "my best self," hence the tip-off to the weight loss journey.

Venable, 58, continued by stating that the first picture he posted was taken when he went to the doctor a year prior, while the second picture was taken more recently after he had shed 70 pounds.

"Thank you all for your incredible support and encouragement," he added.

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David Venable Opened Up On The Difficult Nature Of The Journey

The Half Homemade, Fully Delicious cookbook author opened up about the difficult nature of his weight loss journey, explaining that he had to learn new habits along the way.

One habit he learned was starting a low-carb, low-sugar diet and also paying keen attention to the labels of groceries.

"I did a lot of learning and reading labels," he divulged in a Facebook Live session per E! News. "I spend twice as much time in a grocery store now. Nothing goes into my cart before I read the label."

Although he acknowledged that the journey thus far had not been without its challenges, he expressed his happiness at having reached this point and his pride in his progress.

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David Venable's Transformation Causes A Stir

Fans were astounded to learn about the Comfort Food Shortcuts' author's transformation and were moved to post their feelings on social media.

"I'm so proud of you. You've helped so many people by going on this journey. You look amazing but more importantly, you're healthier," a fan shared. "We all want you around a long time! Thanks for sharing your journey with us and congrats on all the hard work you put in this past year, the transformation is remarkable."

A second fan said, "congratulations David! You look great and I'm sure feel better. Best of all you're healthier. A lifestyle change is not easy."

"Wow! What a difference one year makes! You look more like your best self once again! Congratulations and God bless you," another fan noted.

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An inspired fan wrote, "So damn proud of you my friend! You should be so proud of yourself - never easy to put yourself first. I for one am glad you did."

A fan who has also dropped weight said, "congratulations, awesome work David. Health is wealth. I lost over 100 lbs after getting diabetes. It changed who I was into who I am now."

Many other fans shared how Venable's journey has inspired them to take their health seriously and thanked him for being open about it while also taking the time to congratulate him.

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He Is More Intentional About His Health

As a way to summarize his amazing progress toward becoming his "best self," the Back Around the Table author also provided some uplifting words.

He admitted that he is more intentional and conscious about what he eats now and that he is more mobile than he was before he lost weight.

"I'm just being more conscious every day of what I'm eating and moving more," he said. "It's hard to get started, but once the scale starts moving in the right direction and you start feeling better and the doctor is happy and your blood numbers are good, this is all so important."

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