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Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Admits She Went POSTAL On Her Daughter’s Cheer Coaches

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By MLC on February 5, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is a hardcore cheer mom.

She would even say she can be a “b**chy” cheer mom when she has to be.

The “Jersey Shore” star recently appeared on the ‘Bad Behavior’ podcast which is hosted by Sterling Mulbury and Blair Peyton.

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Snooki Is A Dedicated Cheer MAWMA!

Snooki was asked to recall a time when her bad behavior got way out of control.

Many would think it probably happened on “Jersey Shore.” I mean she did get arrested on the beach, she skipped work to spiral and she’s no stranger to fist fights at Karma (RIP).

Surprisingly, her bad behavior played out during a cheer competition with her daughter Giovanna LaValle.

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You can take the girl off the Jersey Shore, but you can’t take the Jersey Shore out of the girl.


Blair asked Snooki, “Tell us a story something that happened to you where you’re like, ‘Ugh, am I in the right? Am I in the wrong?”

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Snooki Recalls "Really Bad" Moment As A Competitive Cheer Mom

“Okay, I can talk about me being a cheer mom. This happened last season. It was really bad,” Polizzi admitted. “So, my daughter’s a competitive cheerleader and it’s literally ‘Dance Moms,’ but it’s not so like the show, like the moms aren’t out to get each other. It’s more of like we want our kids to shine, but we all respect each other, at least in our group. So, at the end of every competition everybody gets like a banner and my daughter hasn’t gotten a banner yet.”

Snooki explained how Giovanna was pulling skills and stunts that no one on her team were pulling.

Obviously, she felt this kind of skill needed recognition which is the banner. Giovanna has never gotten one before.

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“So, she was pulling this one skill that none of the other stunt groups were doing. And I was like, ‘Oh my god, you are doing amazing, you’re killing it.’ My daughter’s gonna get the banner, like I can’t wait. She killed it, like this is my girl,” Snooki explained. “She worked so hard and um, we were drinking after the competition which is not good, so you know I’m like, already like feeling it and I’m just excited for my daughter to get this banner and then come the banner time she didn’t get the banner. So, I turn like literally horrible cheer mom.”

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Snooki Drunk Texted Her Daughter's Cheer Coaches

The mother-of-three ended up drunk, angry texting the coaches.

“[I] went off a little bit,” she admitted. “It wasn’t great.”

Of course, the next day she had texter’s remorse and ended up apologizing to the coaches for. her “b**chy cheer mom” behavior, and sent the cheer gym owner a big bouquet of flowers.

“I ended up saying, ‘I’m sorry. I just want good for my daughter, and I want you to see how hard she works and I just want her to excel in the sport. She’s amazing, she’s only seven’… all this s**t,” she explained.

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Blair followed up with, “Do you think the coaches have a vendetta against you and that’s why they’re taking it out on your daughter?”

Snooki said she doesn’t think they have a problem with her or her daughter.

In fact, she announced on her February 3rd Podcast, "It's Happening with Snook & Joey," that Giovanna FINALLY got her banner.

Snooki said she’s trying to do a cheer-related show with the cheer gym owner.

“I’m still in the works with doing a cheer show with them,” Snooki revealed

Snooki fans know she will never be regular member on ‘The Real Housewives,’ but this could be a step in that direction.

“The Real Cheer Moms of New Jersey”… anybody?

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