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Andrew Tate Hires Heavy Brass Lawyers Who Fought For A Rapper, Boxer & Singer

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By MLC on February 2, 2023 at 1:30 PM EST

Andrew Tate is sick of being in prison.

So, he’s taken action to hire a new top tier, heavy brass lawyer.

This could very well give them some leverage and an advantage in their future legal hearings in Romania.

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Andrew & Tristan Tate Hire New Lawyer!

Portrait of Andrew Tate

Both Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, have hired Tina Glandian as their new laywer.

Glandian has worked with several high-profile celebrities in different professions.

She represented rapper Chris Brown, heavy weight boxing champion Mike Tyson and the late-Michael Jackson.

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Tate Bros. New Lawyer Repped Chris Brown & Mike Tyson

Tate, Tristan and two female alleged accomplices were arrested on December 29, 2022, related to sex trafficking allegations. The Tate brothers were detained on kidnapping and rape charges.

On Wednesday, February 1st, they were spotted entering the Bucharest Court of Appeal, and Tate didn’t enter quietly. Tate was handcuffed to Tristan.

He screamed and shouted at reporters, “You know I’m innocent!”

The foursome was in court to fight a second 30-day extension of their detention.

Last month, a Romanian judge denied their appeal and instead extended their prison detention until February 27th.

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Andrew Tate Bashes Romanian Legal System

When asked if he believed he would be freed, Tate responded, “There is not much justice in Romania.”

On his way out of the Bucharest Court of Appeal, he once again doubled down on his innocence.

“Ask them for evidence and they will give you none because it doesn’t exist. You’ll find out the truth of this case soon,” he screamed.

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Per The New York Post, a judge has yet to decide on Wednesday’s appeal against the decision to hold them for another 30 days.

Tate issued his first newsletter from behind bars to his fans in January.

According to YouTuber Fesify, the former free man issued a newsletter to all his subscribers from the email address “tate@cobratate.com.

He made the subject, “My first email from Imprisonment.”

In the email, Andrew described his current living conditions, which paint a very ugly picture.

“I will send you my daily lessons from unjust imprisonment. They are trying to break me. Thrown inside a cell without light,” he wrote. “Cockroaches, lice, and bed bugs are my only friends at night. When the guards bring me to and from the courtroom, I stay absolutely respectful. They try to pour hatred into my heart. But Please and Thank You stick with me at all times.”

Thank god he’s somehow remembered his manners.

This is a far cry from his unapologetic, misogynistic persona online.

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“My prison guards are just performing their job, they have families to feed. In times of hardship, do not forget your manners. They are trying to break my Iron Mind with unjust imprisonment,” he continued. “My absolute respect for everyone around me is my act of absolute rebellion. They cannot break me. My guards know I am innocent. They know it is unjust. They see I will never break and respect my resolve. Please and Thank You stick with me at all times. Such is the way of the Wudan.”

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