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By Rima Pundir on December 16, 2020 at 4:29 AM EST

Instagram | Madison Beer

21-year-old singer and model Madison Beer is controversy's favorite child, apparent from the many that she is been embroiled in ever since she was spotted by Justin Bieber and catapulted to fame. 

From promising albums and not delivering them, to rather publicized breakups and plastic surgery denials, Beer is well on her way to being a diva. 

With some 21 million-plus followers on Instagram, it seems her fans outweigh the trolls, and such is her magnetic appeal, men are writing to her, telling them that their girlfriends are banning them from Instagram! More coming up... 

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Fans Get Hot & Bothered By Sweater

Instagram | Madison Beer

It's not as if Beer needs to put a titillating picture to get millions of likes. Here she is, dressed in a school girl sweater with no  skin show, and still managing to get more than 2.7 million likes. 

Fans went all out declaring their love for her, wanting her marry them, go on a date with them and well, do NSFW stuff with them.

One fan seemed a bit disgruntled with Beer, commenting, "Okay, we get it, you are pretty". Of course when Hailey Bieber also decided to like her pic, Madison hardly need more adoration! 

Here's a little performance...

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Madison Gets It From Her Mom

Instagram | Madison Beer

Beer does not talk about her family much, but it seems all her beauty stems from her mom.

Talking about beauty, Madison got caught up in a controversy when she took to social media to defend herself from plastic surgery accusations, during the Black Lives movement. 

Later, she even took to social media again to apologize for her timing but the damage had been done by then.

Meanwhile, going back to Madison's mom, she seems to be a real stunner, going by the recent pictures on Madison's Instagram.

Have a look.

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Madison Is Okay Being 'Selfish'

Instagram | Madison Beer

This is Madison's idea of announcing her next song, "Selfish" and fans felt the outfit was anything but. 

Author RM Drake wrote, "Can't wait for the performance. Btw that outfit is ???? a stunner!".

Wrote a fan, "My girlfriend told me I wasn’t allowed to comment on your posts anymore"; and then there was a whole conversation on that thread about how the dude deserved it if he was dumped. 

Meanwhile, for others, Beer was an alien, as in "you are out of this world".

Here's a sneak peek into that "Selfish" performance...

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Shades Of Grey?

Instagram | Madison Beer

Now there's another picture for fans, sending them into absolute and utter overdrive. 

She captioned it "life support" and a fan wrote back rather sportingly, "I need life support after seeing this??".

The album "Life Support" was supposed to be out two years back and the song "Selfish", its first single. Fans have been waiting so long, their frustrations showed in comments. 

Try this, "like I love sis but I’ve been living off snippets for like two years now I'm finna be on life support by the time she’s out ?". 

Thankfully, "Selfish" is out!

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