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Conor McGregor 'Nearly Dies' After Being Hit By Car On Side Of Road

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on January 27, 2023 at 12:30 PM EST

MMA Fighter Conor McGregor had a near-death experience after he was struck by a car, traveling full speed, when he was on a bike ride Friday.

McGregor shared details from the incident to Instagram, letting his fans know he is luckily okay.

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Conor McGregor: "Thank You God, It Wasn’t My Time

Conor McGregor 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards

The MMA Fighter took to social media Friday, just shortly after the terrifying incident occurred.

"Got a bang of a car just now from behind," he wrote in an Instagram post, alongside a photo of his bike in the middle of the road. "A sun trap, the driver couldn’t see me. Full spreed straight thru me."

He continued, "Thank you God, it wasn’t my time. Thank you wrestling and judo also. Having an awareness on the landing saved my life. 🙏"

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A video was also included in the Instagram post following the accident, which showed McGregor still trying to wrap his head around what just happened as well as the aftermath of the accident.

The driver can be heard profusely apologizing to McGregor, to which the MMA fighter reassured the driver it was "All good, all good." "Don't worry about it," he added when speaking to the driver.

Luckily, McGregor walked away with little to no injuries, only some ripped pants. "I could have been dead there, mate, look!!" McGregor said in the video before adding, "Jesus Christ ... I think I got away with my life, there."

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At this time, it is unclear if McGregor will be pressing charges or if the police will become involved. It is also unclear if the MMA fighter had sustained any injuries that perhaps are not visible to the naked eye -- though it seems that McGregor luckily walked away with just a rip in his pants.

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Conor McGregor Accused Of Assault

Conor McGregor Elvis Red Carpet - The 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival

A woman has come forward accusing MMA fighter Conor McGregor of assaulting her while on a yacht back in July 2022.

According to the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the woman claims the incident happened while on a yacht after they left the nightclub. On their way to the yacht, the MMA fighter reportedly began to insult the woman’s appearance before he kicked her in her midsection and punched her. The woman then said McGregor threatened to drown her.

“All his behavior changed at that moment,” the woman said in her statement before telling Irish police that she was forced to flee the scene by jumping off of the boat because she “feared for her life.”

However, Conor McGregor denies it ever happened. “Mr. McGregor is steadfast in his denial of all the accusations made by a guest on his boat,” Karen Kessler, spokesperson for Conor McGregor stated.

This is not the first time the MMA fighter has run into trouble outside of the Octagon. In 2019, McGregor punched then-50-year-old Dubliner Desmond Keogh inside the Marble Arch pub, which was caught on video.

McGregor pleaded guilty to assault and paid a €1,000 fine over the incident.

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