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JoJo Siwa Shares Her One REGRET About Time On 'Dance Moms'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on January 26, 2023 at 2:00 PM EST

JoJo Siwa is sharing her regrets about appearing on "Dance Moms."

The multihyphenate first found stardom on reality television after competing in the second season of "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" at nine years old. Shortly after, she and her mother, Jessalynn, joined "Dance Moms" — which followed the training and careers of talented child dancers at Abby Lee Miller's school, Abby Lee's Dance Company — in its fifth season.

Although it has been decades since then, Siwa has recalled one event she wished never happened during her time on the show.

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JoJo Siwa Regrets Not Watching A Horror Movie To Help Her Dance Interpretation

During her "Dance Moms" stint, it was nothing new for Siwa to get a talking to from Miller, who was infamous for her super-strict approach to teaching the kids under her care. In fact, the 57-year-old would often leave the children in tears during and after her intense training sessions.

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JoJo Siwa at the 2021 Peoples Choice Awards
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One such event led to Siwa's biggest regret, which she shared with her 45.4 million followers in a recent TikTok update. After clarifying she does not "regret doing "Dance Moms" at all" because it shaped her into the person that she is today, the YouTuber recounted:

"However, I do have one regret from my time on 'Dance Moms,' and that is that I did not watch the movie 'Carrie.' If you've ever seen this scene from 'Dance Moms' where I said, 'well, if you yell at me, I'm gonna cry,' it was because Abby was yelling at me because I didn't watch the movie that my dance was inspired by."

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As it turned out, the dance was inspired by the 1976 horror film, which she was "scared" to watch by her 12-year-old self while in a hotel room. Siwa admitted that she might have performed better if she had watched the film. 

However, she noted, "with that being said, even though I regret that I really don't regret that. Because I probably would have never came up with saying, 'well, if you yell at me, I'm gonna cry.' So, no regrets, ever."

Following her explanation, a fan advised in the comments,"U gotta be Carrie for Halloween. And caption it "well If you yell at me. I'm gunna cry." Another person jokingly asked, "But have you watched Carrie yet? ?," while a third fawned, "the fact that you came out of that, still shining like the bright star you are is amazing!"

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A fourth commenter applauded, "You did the best you could give! We wouldn't have you if you didn't put your foot down."

In her last conversation regarding the dance series, Siwa had highlighted the "cruelty" she endured following a resurfaced clip from the show. Per reports, at the time that the 19-year-old had uploaded a TikTok duet that showed her on one side and Miller on the other, telling the dance kids:

"I asked each of you to do a homework assignment. I wanted you to write about JoJo — reasons she should not be part of the Abby Lee Dance Company."

Her "Dance Moms" castmates immediately began listing what they thought was "wrong" with the younger Siwa, who is seen wiping tears from her face. Although the Nebraska native smiled and shook her head as she watched the video, she mouthed Miller's words as the latter told her that she "deserved nothing."

The duet, which came with a text overlay reading, "When people hate to try and hurt me, but this was my childhood," immediately got people calling Miller out for her actions.

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The Pittsburgh Native Calls Out "Dance Moms" Beneficiaries For Neglect

Siwa isn't the only one who has had some bad experiences with the dance competition reality series. Miller had suffered a stumble on the road when she was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to felony bankruptcy fraud in 2016. The television personality had also failed to report that she entered the United States with $120,000 in Australian currency to the proper authorities.

Abby Lee Miller The 3rd Annual Legacy Gala
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Although she was sentenced to a year in prison, she ended up spending only eight months for good behavior. Even though the time behind bars halted her reality television career, it made her realize what was important and who would be there for her.

Those who definitely were not there for her were the "Dance Moms" families who neglected her during her prison stint. 

"Shame on you. Shame on you after what I did for you, for your children — helped make you a lot of money. You couldn't come to visit me for eight and a half months," the "Dancing with the Stars" guest judge raged at them last April.

Miller further alleged that the families had used her to achieve fame and abandoned her when she no longer served them. The instructor has since restarted the show with new faces and, most likely, better friends.

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