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Donald Trump Threw Unexpected Curveballs During Eulogy For Diamond Hardaway

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By Taylor Hodgkins on January 23, 2023 at 9:30 PM EST

The former President of the United States Donald Trump was on hand to deliver a eulogy for the late Diamond Hardaway of "Diamond and Silk" fame, but 45 would soon reveal a slightly confusing statement.

The 45th President, who was in office from 2016 until 2021 after losing the 2020 election to President Joe Biden, is known in part for the myriad of statements and claims he has made while speaking behind a mic.

Trump, 76, would make another head-scratching statement to add to his library at Hardaway's funeral, which would expectedly inspire a few raised eyebrows. Hardaway's funeral took place over the weekend. Hardaway was 51 at the time of her death.

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President Trump Delivered A Eulogy At Hardaway's North Carolina Funeral On Saturday

President Trump spoke at Hardaway's funeral on Saturday; he had previously marked her passing as a "totally unexpected occurrence," according to Huffington Post.

Diamond and her sister Silk were unabashedly passionate fans of the former President during his administration. The duo would make a name for themselves through their vlogs, where they would offer unwavering support for the President and his agenda. Both sisters frequently made headlines for their vlogs during the latter half of President Trump's administration and would come in contact with him on several occasions.

Diamond and Silk made appearances at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and would also appear at the President's frequent rallies for himself, according to the outlet.

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President Trump Threw Many Unexpected Curveballs In His Eulogy For Diamond Hardaway

Former US President Donald Trump

President Trump's eulogy would soon run off course. He would soon claim not to know Silk Hardaway.

"I'm serious, I thought I knew them both," the former President said in his speech. He then offered his thoughts about Silk, as if meeting her for the first time.

"I didn't. I knew Diamond, but I didn't know Silk at all," former President Trump would continue. "I just learned about Silk. You're fantastic," he told Silk.

The former President would also offer his thoughts about Diamond's funeral overall.

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"The chapel wouldn't have held the kind of people, the number of people that we have," Trump continued. "And we're doing it right and that's the way it should be and I did notice a big line of  very, very nice vehicles outside. That's got to be handled properly, right? So we're going to handle it properly," he proclaimed. Go out in style. She knew that. Go out in style."

The former President also touched on schedule preparation for the event.

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"They told me, I said, 'give me a little time because I have a lot of people waiting for me back in a place called Palm Beach, Flordia. I said, 'give me a little time, how long do you think it'll take, 15, 20 minutes? in and out,' I said, 'well, it could take longer. This is a little longer than 15 minutes, right?" Trump explained, inspiring laughter from the crowd.

45 also shared his thoughts on current topics of the day, including next year's Presidental election.

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"How do we stop the cheating?" he asked, of the electoral process. "How do we stop it where you get more votes, but you still don't win? And the answer is the republicans have to get tougher, the top people have to get tougher, and you have to really swap 'em," Trump emphasized. "There's a level at which even they can't produce, and so if you win big enough, we're going to get there, and once we're there, we're going to straighten it all out, and get it back to where it was..."

The former President would also tackle inflation during his eulogy, claiming it could be fixed by his administration.

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"We can fix so much of what's been damaged over the past two years, we had it going so well, but we can fix these things. But y'know, millions of people, I think 15 million people, they said three maybe four, I don't know... they have no idea how many people, and [the Democrats] allowed their prisons to be emptied out into the United States of America, they allowed their mental institutions to be emptied out into the United States of America... and common sense would tell you that, if you had common sense, you wouldn't be doing it..."

He went on to say "Millions of people are coming, and no country would be able to withstand this. No country... whether you're rich or poor, and we're not really rich, we owe, as of this morning, 31-trillion dollars, so I don't know, you call it rich? I guess so, maybe not..." He went on to share his thoughts on inflaming, blaming Democrats for increasing gas prices.

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