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TikTok Star Elyse Myers Has A Weekend To Remember In NYC!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on January 23, 2023 at 11:15 PM EST

Elyse Myers has spent an infinite amount of time making her followers on TikTok feel good. This past weekend, Myers, 29, had a major feel-good moment of her own!

The TikTok star launched a podcast during the latter half of 2022; "Funny cuz It's True" is the podcast equivalent of Myers' story-filled TikToks that have made her tremendous TikTok following feel validated and seen. Myers and her guests chat through their stories and discuss the resolutions from, and lessons learned throughout their experiences.

"Funny cuz It's True" has impacted listeners in a gigantic way! On Saturday, The Blast shared the news that the podcast received a gigantic billboard in New York City's Times Square!

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After Myers documented the monumental moment on Instagram where she had encouraged her followers to go see the billboard in person for her, several followers gently encouraged Myers to make the trip herself, for a vacay to remember!

Here's what Myers got up to on her trip!

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She's On A Billboard, Baby!

Myers and her husband Jonas took the plunge and jetted off to NYC! In Myers' follow-up post on Instagram and TikTok, she asked, "Do me and Jonas just like buy last-minute tickets just to go look at a billboard?"

Why, reader, the answer was yes!

Myers then followed her question up with footage of her gazing up at the billboard and enjoying one of NYC's finest and famous streetside hot dogs!

"I finally got my street meat," she captioned the post. Bachelor Nation's Thomas Jacobs was thrilled for Myers; he commented, "THIS IS IT so happy you went!"

Jonas borrowed a page from Taylor Swift's playbook when he commented, "it's me, hi, i'm the billboard it's me," on his wife's TikTok, channeling the lyrics to Swift's "Anti-Hero."

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Early childhood education content creator Rachel Accurso, better known as 'Ms. Rachel' on TikTok and YouTube, joined Myers on the trip for the festivities! She and Myers created TikToks and reels together, including one where Ms. Rachel acts as Myers' life coach!

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Elyse Celebrates A Weekend To Remember With Her 'Best Friend!'

To top off her magical NYC experience, Myers documented several scenes from her trip and compiled them for a TikTok!

She and her man can be seen taking in the coffee and bites the city has to offer, seeing a Broadway production of "Wicked," working on content with Ms. Rachel, capturing the beauty of the sights seen from the plane, book shopping, and, of course, taking in the billboard in all of its greatness!

A follower commented on Myers' compilation, "This makes me so happy. I actually found myself repeatedly thinking about you storming nYC to see your billboard, and it made me smile every time."

"Can we take a moment to appreciate how amazing Jonas is as he supports you in your booming career," another follower wrote, "I love that he is man enough to let you shine."

"Q. is there anyone more adorable than you?," a follower asked. "A. No."

"I just want a break down of everything you ate," a follower commented, voicing what many were undoubtedly thinking!

Cheers to Elyse and Jonah Myers as they celebrate 'living [their] best lives,' as the TikTok's soundtrack song goes!

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