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Kindly Myers Puts On A Nippy Display In Her Strappy Sports Bra

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By Kristin Myers on January 22, 2023 at 8:00 AM EST

Model Kindly Myers might be a little bit cold in the gym but that isn't going to stop her from doing her thing!

Although it's been pretty cold in Nashville, Tennesee, over the past few weeks, the former soldier had no problem braving the cold weather to hit the gym and give fans a highlight reel of her leg day and steamy video in a thin sports bra and tight leggings, where Kindly assured her fans that she has "no competition."

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Kindly Myers Puts On A Busty Display In Her Thin Sports Bra

In another recent Instagram video, the Playboy Playmate put on a steamy display as she sat on her knees at the gym. She is wearing a strappy olive green sports bra that features two straps that crisscross over her toned abs. She matched her outfit with navy blue leggings from CNC activewear.

In the audio, a man asks, “What separates you from the competition? What makes you special?” Kindly leans in close to the camera and replies, “What competition?” In the caption, Kindly repeated, “Seriously though… what competition?

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What Competition? Kindly Has No Competition!

Kindly Myers in CNC activewear
Instagram | Kindly Myers

Fans couldn’t resist gushing over her sultry video. “Wow wow wow,” one fan commented. “You look nice,” another follower added. “I love this,” a third fan chimed in. “Hard work pays off,” another follower agreed. “Oh wow Kindly I love this,” another fan shared. “Beautiful as always,” another follower commented.

“I love your confidence,” another fan shared. “You are so beautiful,” another follower commented. “Absolutely gorgeous,” another fan wrote. “What competition? Hmmm,” another follower chimed in, tagging one of Kindly’s best friends and “Professional Internet Breaker” Kayla Moody!

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Kindly Myers Shares Her Morning Routine & Leg Day Workout With Her Fans!

In another recent Instagram video, the social media sensation decided to give her followers a look at her morning routine and her workout of the day. “Good morning, everybody, I just want to show you what I do in the morning,” Kindly begins as she shows footage of her breakfast and her workout outfit.

“This is how I start my day. I get dressed. I have my breakfast. I put my shoes and socks on one foot at a time just like everybody else. Tie ‘em tight; we got a leg day today. Ugh. I’m already tired. This is the outfit, this is the back, this is the look. Throw on my sweatshirt because it is cold outside in Nashville. Grab my water and let’s go,” she continued as the footage cuts to her heading out to the car. “Hop in the car and get on the road.”

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“I am running late, of course, but oh well, it happens,” she says as the footage cuts to her working out in the gym. “Okay, so here we are doing squats with the Smith machine. Oh my god, I’m tired. Doing some inners and outers and then we’re doing some hamstring exercises,” she continued as she showed video clips of her doing different exercises in the gym.

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Kindly Reveals She Does That Stair Climber Every Single Day!

Kindly Myers shares her morning routine and gym workout with her followers
Instagram | Kindly Myers

“I didn’t show everything that we did today but these are just kind of like a highlight reel so you can kind of get the picture. And then, of course, I did twenty minutes on the stairs because I do the stairs every single day for my cardio. I love it. And that’s it,” Kindly concluded. “That was my morning routine. And I’m now headed home. So, thanks for joining me guys, bye.”

In the caption, the "Babes In Toyland" host wrote, “My morning routine. Get up, get dressed, eat, Workout, Repeat lol did a leg day today, it was hard, but I love it.” Fans had a variety of reactions to her video, with one fan writing, “This inspired me to run around my living room for two minutes.” Another follower gushed “Wow baby you’re hot” while others praised her commitment to fitness!

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, it looks like things got a little hot in Nashville when the former soldier put her famous booty on display in her tiniest thong yet! Fans can check out that steamy display by clicking here!

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