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Happy 4/20! These Celebs Always Pass the Dutchie on the Left Hand Side

By TheBlast Staff

It's 4/20! Happy National Weed Day to all the pot smokers out there!

How April 20 became the high holiday for marijuana imbibers is a bit of an enigma. There are several theories but that's all they are, just theories. But, if you're in love with Mary Jane, do you really care what the impetus for the celebration is? Nope.

Now that recreational pot was given the A-okay in states like California and Colorado, a lot of the stigma around the ganja has all but disappeared. Many a famous face has been known to rip a bong or two in their day, like Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa.

(Duh ... don't smoke if it's illegal where you live, don't smoke if you're not an adult and don't be stupid about it.)

If you are legally allowed, over 21 and responsible, then spark up a doob like Snoop Dogg and listen to "Dark Side of the Moon" while eating Funyuns.

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