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Shakira Found THIS Incriminating Evidence To Pin Gerard Piqué For Cheating!

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By MLC on January 18, 2023 at 11:00 PM EST

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and a jar of jam.

Shakira had an inkling that her partner of nearly 12 years was doing something shady during their relationship, and she found THIS incriminating evidence to pin him for cheating.

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Shakira Found Something Suspicious In The Family Fridge!

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Shakira and retired FC Barcelona fútbol star, Gerard Piqué, split in June 2022 after 11 years together.

They share two minor children together, Sasha and Milan.

It was initially reported that the “She Wolf” songstress walked in on Piqué having intimate relations with another woman in their Barcelona home, which could still be the case, but prior to that she found evidence of his infidelity in the form of a jar of jam.

According to ShowNews Today, the Colombian-native had returned home from a trip with their children when she found a jar of strawberry jam in their fridge.

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Piqué Got Caught Cheating From A Jar Of Strawberry Jam!

Seems harmless if the entire family like strawberry jam, BUT nobody in Shakira’s home likes that kind of jam.

She instantly knew that her children and Piqué do not eat strawberry jam, so, her suspicions that someone had been staying at their home while she was gone grew.

What’s more, the jam had been eaten.

Shakira alluded to the incriminating evidence in her music video for “Te Felicito” featuring Rauw Alejandro.

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The song title translates to “I Congratulate You” in English. Shakira congratulates a male figure for being a good actor in the song.

This is seemingly a clear dig at her ex-partner given he had been cheating on her for some time.

Following their breakup, the retired soccer star struck up an immediate relationship with his Kosmos employee Clara Chía Marti.

She’s in her early twenties while Piqué is 35-years-old.

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Piqué Moved On With His Employee!

This has infuriated Shakira and she alluded to it in her new “BZRP Music Session #53,” with Argentine hitmaker Bizarrap.

It’s been reported that it was Shakira’s oldest son, Milan, who urged his mother to team up with Bizarrap for the song. He’s reportedly a huge fan of his music.

In the song she absolutely obliterates “a man” who cheats with a younger woman.

Shakira Makes Dig After Dig At Piqué In New Song!

The lyrics are in Spanish, but when translated to English they read, “Sorry baby I should have thrown you out a while ago. A she-wolf like me is not for rookies. A she-wolf like me is not for guys like you. For guys like you. I’m too good for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you.”

Shakira has a 2009 song titled, “She Wolf.”

This isn’t the first song where Shakira has hinted at her ex’s infidelity, shallowness and inability to me a loving partner.

“I’m not getting back with you, don’t cry for me, nor beg me. I understood that it’s not my fault that they criticize you. I only make music, sorry that it bothers you,” the lyrics continued.

Elsewhere in the song she sings, “I’m worth two of 22 [year old] You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

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Shakira & Piqué's Level Of Pettiness Is Unmatched!


Piqué obviously picked up on the not-so-subtle digs at him and actually bought a Twingo and a Casio.

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As you can see in the video, iPique took word for word “You Traded a Ferrari for a Twingo” and decided to arrive at one of the most important games of the year, Barcelona VS Real Madrid, with a magnificent little Twingo at the stadium.

What’s even funnier is the face that he makes when he getting out of the car.

He had a s**t eating grin plastered across his face knowing perfectly well what he has just done.

Shakira also alludes to her Spanish tax fraud lawsuit and living next to her ex-MIL.

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