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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Were Allegedly 'Spared' An Invite Connected To Prince William

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By Taylor Hodgkins on January 16, 2023 at 5:30 PM EST

Prince Harry isn't going to be 'spared' from the resulting drama from his bestselling memoir!

Since "Spare" was released last week, Prince Harry's memoir has caused quite an outrage. "Spare" has generated quite a few headlines regarding Prince Harry's refusal to keep quiet about countless personal details both about himself and the royal family.

The Blast has covered many details surrounding "Spare''s release, as well as the resulting media firestorm. Prince Harry's older brother, Prince William, isn't so happy with the book's content surrounding their relationship. Their father, King Charles III, also isn't thrilled with his youngest son; Prince Harry was reportedly left off of King Charles' coronation script following the release of "Spare" excerpts.

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Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, are continuing to face exclusion as a result of "Spare''s content.

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How Has 'Spare' Been Received By The Public And The Royal Family?

Cover of Prince Harry memoir to be called 'Spare'

The thread between the royal brothers has reportedly been frayed since the December release of Netflix's docuseries, "Harry & Meghan." Among the revelations in the documentary include Prince William's anger toward Prince Harry after he had revealed his desire to relinquish and withdraw from his royal duties; Prince William allegedly shouted at his brother.

According to our report, Prince William is also reportedly unhappy with the inclusion of a story detailing the brothers' physical fight about Markle in "Spare."

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A royal expert revealed more details about Prince William's reaction on Page Six. According to the outlet per The Blast's report, Katie Nichol revealed "William's privately seething and devastated about what Harry has done. And [he] just cannot forgive Harry for what he has written."

King Charles III's stance on the situation was allegedly reflected by his decision to not mention the couple in his Christmas speech last month. He mentioned his older son and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

King Charles also mentioned his mother Queen Elizabeth II in his speech. The Queen passed away at the age of 96 in September.

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The Exclusion Of The Former Duke And Dutchess Of Sussex Has Now Extended Past The Royal Family

Meghan Markle celebrates 41st birthday, Montecito, California, USA - 4 Aug 2022

The couple is now facing a frosty reception that extends beyond their family.

This morning, Page Six reported Prince Harry and Markle were left off of the guest list of the British Academy Film Awards tea party on Saturday. According to the outlet, event organizers had anticipated a firestorm if they had invited them.

"BAFTA decided it was a terrible idea [to invite them]," an unknown source told The Sun yesterday. "They thought it would be a PR disaster." Page Six also notes Prince William is the President of BAFTA, and the source had also mentioned this to The Sun.

The source continued, "For them to roll out the red carpet to Harry and his wife would be like setting off a nuclear bomb. It's a no-go."

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The aftershocks of this hypothetical nuclear bomb would continue to be felt if Prince Harry mentioned his brother at all during the event. "Any interview would go viral. Anything on William would be devastating."

Those closely affiliated with Prince William are keeping quiet on the matter. The outlet revealed his spokesperson had "declined to comment" to The Sun, "while a BAFTA representative tells Page Six that Prince Harry and Markle's attendance was "not discussed whatsoever."

Prince Harry has been adamant in discussing his desire for a reconciliation between himself and the two important men in his life- his father and brother. He recently revealed both Prince William and King Charles have "shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile. I would like to get my father back. I would like to have my brother back," he said in an interview with ITV 1, according to The Blast, per Page Six. He also revealed his belief that the royal family allegedly prefer to keep the couple at an arm's length.

"They feel as though, it's better to keep us, somehow, as the villains," he added.

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