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Twitter Users Celebrate Dave Grohl's Birthday By Sharing Favorite Performances!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on January 15, 2023 at 3:00 AM EST

'This is a call' to celebrate Dave Grohl's birthday!

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Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins dead, fans feel most for Dave Grohl
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The Foo Fighters and Nirvana legend celebrates his 54th birthday on January 14th, and what a year he has had! Grohl's 2022 would turn out to undoubtedly be one of the most memorable years of his life; after releasing his memoir in the fall of 2021, Grohl would lose his Foo Fighters bandmate Taylor Hawkins. Hawkins passed away at the age of 50 on March 25th.

After a year marked by loss, Grohl is moving forward, and Twitter users are helping him do so! Fans on 'The Bird App' helped the 54-year-old become a trending topic on Saturday!

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How Are Fans Commemorating Grohl's Birthday?

Some fans took to Twitter to share memorable live performances from the Foo Fighters frontman.

One Twitter user shared a video of the Foo Fighters performing on stage in London, wherein Grohl and the boys took the audience on a wacky musical journey as they hurled themselves into performing Rick Astley's defining career nugget, "Never Gonna Give You Up," after warming up the crowd with a bit of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

"Dave Grohl is legendary for being humble as much as being Nirvana's drummer," the thread's author tweeted. "Recently, the Foo Fighters drummer admitted his iconic 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' beat is disco & riffed from The Gap Band. But his best crossover? When he mixed 'Teen Spirit' w/@rickastley and Rickrolled London"

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Astley can be seen on stage with the band, colorfully hyping up the crowd!

"I love everything about it," the thread's original poster later commented. "Rick is living his best life, the Foo Fighters are killing it, and Dave just proves once again, he's finished the main quest of life and he's just unlocking all the side quests... funnily enough... just like Snoop Dogg," they concluded with a winking face emoji.

Lou Brutus tweeted, "It was fifty-four years ago today in Warren, Ohio, that a maternity doctor smiled and said, 'Congratulations Virginia Jean. You've just given birth to The Future Of Rock and Roll!"

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"i'm normally not a 'happy birthday celebrity' guy but i have to say this world got better when Dave Grohl entered it on this day 54 years ago. everyone loves Dave, and it's earned." a fan tweeted.

Others posted photos of Grohl alongside the late Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, and shared Nirvana performances.

"Open up Twitter and Dave Grohl is trending and I had a f----n heart attack, but it's his birthday. Have some Nirvana while I get my d*mn heartrate under control," another fan tweeted before sharing Nirvana's 1992 appearance on "Saturday Night Live."

Grohl Reflects On Aging, Living Most Of His Life In The Spotlight

Absolute Radio commemorated Grohl's birthday by tweeting an interview excerpt, where he reflects on his career, and having to remind himself he isn't 22 anymore!

"It feels like lifetimes ago," Grohl said, referring to his early Nirvana days. "I feel like I've lived a few lifetimes since then, but I don't necessarily feel any different than I did then when that record ["Nevermind"] came out. I feel 22 until I look in the mirror, I'm like 'Oh, I'm not 22 anymore!' he continued. "But no, I mean to me, Nirvana really was three people with some instruments that made a big noise. And we drove around in vans, and we played in clubs, and we did things like that, and then it became something else!"

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Continuing his reflection on his first famous band, Grohl said, "I look at Nirvana much differently than someone else might. But you know, it's become such a big part of popular culture, so everywhere I go, I see it. I mean, I'll walk down the street and I'll see a 12-year-old kid in a Nirvana t-shirt, and I'll get in the car and a Nirvana song comes on, and then you know, every five years, there's an anniversary and I talk about it, and I love talking about it, it's great!"

Grohl continues to keep tabs on the current generation of popular musicians, nearly three decades since Cobain's passing and the band's split. He was recently seen photographed with Phoebe Bridgers and Billie Eilish!

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Happy birthday Dave Grohl! May your influence be felt 'everlong!'

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