Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Confirms Angelina Pivarnick Got Engaged!

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By MLC on January 14, 2023 at 10:00 PM EST

All “Jersey Shore” fans questions have been answered.

Is Angelina Pivarnick engaged… AGAIN?!?!

Last year, The Blast reported that the ‘JS’ reality star may have been proposed to while filming “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” in New Orleans.

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Angelina Pivarnick Is Engaged!

Angelina Pivarnick Files For Divorce

During the Friday episode of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's podcast, “It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey,” Snooki confirmed the not so secretive news.

She dished on what’s to come on the upcoming season of ‘JS:FV.’

“This season is a doozy. It’s a lot of like, ‘What is happening?’ So, I’m excited for you guys to see, and then we are shooting again,” she said. “Like, I just had a call about next season, I’m like, ‘Oh My God.’”

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The Latest Season Of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" Is A Doozy!


The cast went to about five different locations to film the upcoming

Speaking to her co-host, Joey Camasta, Snooki said, “Angeliners gets engaged. It’s all over the news, so I can say it. His name is Vinny. So, you guys are gonna see all of that. Like, there’s just a lot of ups and downs.”

Angelina was previously engaged and married to her ex-husband, Chris Larangeira.

In November, the entire cast of ‘JS:FV’ was seen In NOLA entering a restaurant called Sofia Restaurant.

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Angelina Was Married Once Before

'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Pivarnick's Husband Files Divorce After 2 Years Of Marriage

The TikTok creator by username @aveschristine shared the video of each fist pumping cast member entering through the front door of the restaurant.

She captioned the video, “When the Jersey Shore cast shows up while you’re eating dinner. This was crazyyy.”

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The video then shows them inside and a mystery man dropping down to one knee with a small box in his hand. He’s knelt down in front of Angelina and she walks towards him with her hand on her head.

Snooki is also shown in shock with her mouth wide open.

Many who viewed the TikTok flocked to the comments with mixed reactions.

“Omg Angelina is engaged what!!! 😲,” one person wrote.

“DID ANGELINA JUST GET ENGAGED?!?” another replied.

“Snooki’s face says it all 😂😂” one other person wrote.

Reality Star Snooki celebrates her birthday at Passion Nightclub at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood on 06/07/2013
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It’s been reported the cast and crew were celebrating Vinny Guadagnino’s 35th birthday, but clearly there was a lot more to celebrate that night.

Angelina’s supposed cheating scandal and divorce played out on season 5B of the reality TV show.

Her ex-husband reacted to the proposal on social media writing, “Who would play the lead role in the movie ‘Hoard of the Rings’?"

Angelina quickly clapped back in a post referencing her ex, "Jealousy is spewing off his a**. He doesn't even know what he's talking about either LOLLL."

Angelina's Ex Shades Her On Social Media.

'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Pivarnick's Husband Files Divorce After 2 Years Of Marriage

Chris and Angelina finalized their divorce on May 29, 2022, but their bitter love story isn’t over yet. He’s continued to take her to court over money he feels he is owed!

Last year, Angelina appeared to be *over* her marriage and might’ve been caught doing the deed with someone new.

News of Angelina’s marriage troubles were documented over the past few seasons on “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.”

Angelina married Larangeira in November, 2019, and threw a lavish Italian wedding. However, not long after exchanging vows news of trouble in paradise started brewing.

The couple unfollowed each other on Instagram in March 2021, which caused fans to believe they were heading for a divorce.

Angelina previously called her sex-life with her husband “dogs**t” and “non-existent.”

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