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By Gary Trock on October 19, 2020 at 12:19 PM EDT

LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

Kelly Ripa was once again left high and dry by her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, and was tasked with going live while no explanation was given to worried fans about what may be going on behind the scenes. It all went down Monday morning on "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" as it was quickly revealed the recently-turned 50-year-old TV star would be without her trustee co-host.

"Live now! Ryan took the day off," a brief message from the show's official Instagram read.

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Although she got the Monday morning surprise that Ryan Seacrest wouldn't be by her side, Kelly Ripa showed why she gets paid the big bucks and remained a true professional while holding things down by herself. Among the tasks that Ripa navigated by herself, an interview with "Roseanne" star Sara Gilbert to talk about the newest season of ABC's hit sitcom, "The Conners."

Ripa also looked fantastic for the morning show, as she rocked an Isabel Marant dress paired with a Saint Laurent belt.

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Ryan Seacrest / Instagram

No further explanation was given for Ryan Seacrest's absence, and although many theorized he was sick, the star was seen working out over the weekend. On Saturday morning the "American Idol" host took to Instagram and revealed an intense cardio workout that resulted in a sweaty selfie.

"20 second sprints and 10 second breaks on repeat for 25 minutes. My shirt is drenched in sweat… and tears," Seacrest captioned his photo to fans.

"That’s nice sweetie. Ps Lola wants her shirt back," Ripa had jokingly responded on Seacrst's IG feed.

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LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

With no explanation for Seacrest's disappearance, fans were left to their own theories, which seemed to center on the TV host recently receiving a flu shot.

"I told everyone THAT RYAN SHOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN THAT FLU SHOT. AND LOOK .......NOW HES SICK!!!" one fan commented on Instagram.

"I'm surprised they get flu shots with their healthy lifestyles. The flu shot is not good for you," another fan wrote.

"DO NOT GET THE FLU SHOT SEE RYAN IS SICK," a third fan proclaimed.

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LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

Ryan Seacrest's absence comes just days after he was forced to call in sick and once again leave Kelly Ripa by herself, and fans are weighing in on how she's doing on her own.

"Kelly, on her own, is AMAZING!!!" one fan wrote on social media.

"I am legitimately HOWLING at Kelly this morning! HILARIOUS!" another declared.

However, not all the critics agreed the show as better without Seacrest, with one person writing, "Oh boy, get her a co anchor - failing as a stand up comedian!"

Another person declared the show it just, "Not the same without Ryan."

We shall see if Seacrest shows up on Tuesday for "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan."

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