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'Workaholics' Star Erik Griffin Shades Paramount+ And Jamie-Lynn Spears!

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By MLC on January 15, 2023 at 8:00 PM EST

The guys of “Workaholics” are pissed their workdays with Paramount+ were called off.

The irony of it all!

The Blast recently reported on the news that the streaming platform canned “Workaholics” the movie due to it lacking “global reach,” and it didn’t align with their global strategy.

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"Workaholics" Movie Replaced With Nickelodeon Movie At Paramount+

Comedy Central

The OG cast of the hit Comedy Central show sounded off on Twitter and their recent podcast episode.

Now, another cast member, who played a supporting role is sounding off on Paramount+’s new announcement.

The streaming giant recently announced that a “Zoey 101” movie starring Jamie Lynn Spears and its original cast is coming to Paramount+.

Spears famously starred as Zoey Brooks on the Nickelodeon series. The show ended when she became pregnant at 16-years-old.

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"Zoey 101" Movie Coming To Paramount+

Jamie Lynn Spears
Instagram / jamielynnspears

Erik Griffin played Montez Walker on the series. Griffin’s character was a fellow co-worker to Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson’s characters.

He brought even more comedic humor and hijinks to the series.

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Instagram / Erik Griffin
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Griffin tweeted the “Zoey 101” news yesterday and threw some very obvious shade at Paramount+.

“Paramount’s global strategy starts here y’all!” he tweeted along with a Variety article about the “Zoey 101” news.

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Erik Griffin Shades Paramount+

//Erik Griffin Slams Paramount

Variety reports that Nickelodeon has started production on a “Zoey101” original sequel film.

Spears will reprise her role as Zoey Brooks in the film currently titled, “Zoey 102.”

She will be joined by fellow original cast members Erin Sanders (“Quinn Pensky”), Sean Flynn (“Chase Matthews”), Matthew Underwood (“Logan Reese”), Christopher Massey (“Michael Barrett”), Abby Wilde (“Stacey Dillsen”) and Jack Salvatore (“Mark Del Figgalo”).

Per reports, “Zoey 102” will introduce fans new and old to the Pacific Coast Academy alumni as they reunite for a wedding in the present day.

Jamie Lynn Spears' directors chair on Zoey 102 set
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Production is currently underway in North Carolina, and it’s set for release later this year on Paramount+.

What really irked the “Workaholics” cast is that they were only a few weeks away from beginning production on the movie.

Devine took to Twitter to air his grievances with the streaming platform.

“Welp, Paramount + decided to cancel the Workaholics movie. Obviously, this news is the loosest butthole. We were supposed to begin filming in 5 weeks! P + told us don’t fit their new “global” strategy…We are deeply butt hurt about this decision because we were so excited to…,” he tweeted. “…bring the weird one last time. I’m butt hurt that I don’t get to work with my best friends again. I’m butt hurt for the fans, and I’m butt hurt for our loyal crew, and other cast members who are now going to have to scramble to find new jobs. We are out to other streamers…”

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He promised it’s an “insanely fun movie” that will hopefully get picked up by another streaming giant.

On January 10th, they released their “RIP: The Workaholics Movie” episode of their podcast, “This is Important”.

Anderson insisted, “Nothing can derail us.”

“No matter what they throw at us ,we’ll keep chugging along,” Devine added. “We have to address the elephant in the room. We get a call from our manager, Isacc [Horne], that Paramount+ is pulling the ‘Workaholics’ movie.”

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Comedy Central

He added that when there’s three or more people on the call, “it’s bad news

“So essentially they said that Paramount+ strategies, which is a thing I don’t know about, but apparently they said ‘Workaholics’ isn’t global enough and they want a more global reach,” Devine explained. “Our goal is to take it to Netflix or Hulu or Amazon or another streamer that thinks that we’re worthwhile.”

The guys were doing table reads, they had offices set up and they were “building stage.”

Acting spaces were taped out, every one of the OG “Workaholics” cast saw it.

Devine said the biggest bummer of it all is the number of crew members they hired, who were under the impression they were getting paid for their time on the movie, will no longer have that paycheck or work. They all have to find new work.

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“That truly is the worst thing,” he admitted. His fellow cast members agreed.

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