'Grey's Anatomy' Actor Jesse Williams Wins Film Profit In Intense Divorce

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By TheBlast Staff on October 15, 2020 at 11:05 AM EDT

Instagram / Jesse Williams

“Grey's Anatomy” star Jesse Williams has just finalized his divorce from ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee after a three-year-long court battle between them. They were said to have dated for 13 long years and married for five, until April 11, 2017, when Jesse filed for a divorce.

Williams later demanded custody of the kids, which led to an ugly battle. The press covered everything from spousal support to custody battles and cheating allegations about Williams, with “Friday Night Lights'” actress, Minka Kelly. 

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About The Divorce Settlements


The divorce settlements they signed ensure that they both get some things that they value; however, some compromises were made. 

Williams was entitled to get part of the money he made while acting in “Grey’s Anatomy,” which is around $950,000. He also got to retain the SUV he drives around.

Aryn would keep the property they both shared, including the Audi and SUV. In addition, they have joint custody of the children, but there is a clause.

The court demanded that before any of them can post pictures of their children, they have to check in with the other party for approval.

It has been reported that Williams needs to reimburse Drake-Lee with $50,000 to support the two children they both share until October last year, and about $40,000 monthly after that.

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The divorce was filed three years ago but was only approved in September last year. It has now been made official in 2020.

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Drake-Lee Shares Her Side Of The Story

Instagram / @detodounpocord

The Real Estate Broker decided to share her side of the story when the divorce was being finalized. She said in an interview with People magazine:

“When the divorce process started, I had two nursing babies, and I am the one that ran our household for the 14-and-a-half years that he and I were together in the same house.”

She further said that she held it all together for the family, and it was very tough on her.

She disclosed how she had to juggle taking care of the kids and running her real estate business, which took a toll on her "physical and mental health."

She then expressed the sense of relief she felt when the divorce was finalized.

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Drake-Lee's Unwavering Stance In The Midst Of Scrutiny

Instagram / The Hangout Spot

Although many fans have been annoyed that she has criticized her relationship with Williams, she has not retracted her statement. Instead, she remains steadfast. She said:

“I resisted this for the last 10 years, having a public profile, and then I got dragged into it against my will. It was possibly my worst nightmare”.

She mentioned that she now feels like herself again and can begin to explore life as she used to since she ended her ‘toxic relationship’ with the “Random Acts of Violence” actor.

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Has Jesse Found A New Rib, Or Two?

PGnpa7/©2013 RAMEY PHOTO 310-828 / MEGA

One would think that maybe Williams would be willing to fight for Drake-Lee to take him back since they have been together for more than a decade, but that's not the case.

Interestingly, the actor seems to have moved on faster than fans thought he would. Williams has been strongly linked to Taylour Paige, and now, rumors have spread that they are now a couple.

To further add speculations, he had some words of praise for her on Instagram on her 30th birthday. He wrote;

“It’s our very own @Taylour’s thirtieth rotation around our sun so please let her feel your love lifting her forward into new chapters of happiness and fulfillment.”

He has also been spotted seeing a movie, with his co-star Minka Kelly. As a result, dating rumors have surfaced again. So who do you think it is? Kelly or Paige?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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