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Gordon Ramsay Compares Drinking Logan Paul's PRIME Drink To 'Drinking Perfume'

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By MLC on January 13, 2023 at 3:00 AM EST

Gordon Ramsay isn’t coming to Logan Paul and KSI’s defense.

The Michelin-Star chef may back Brooklyn Beckham’s burgeoning cooking career, but when it comes to Logan and KSI’s PRIME hydration drink… it’s a “NO” for Ramsay.

He recently appeared on iHeart Radio and tested PRIME hydration drink.

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Gordon Ramsay Gives Brutally Honest Review Of PRIME Hydration Drink

Ramsay was absolutely confused as to what the hell he had drank and compared it to “drinking perfume.”

“Okay so smells a bit high. Oh Jesus,” he said after just one sip. “It’s like swallowing perfume. What is that?”

He joked about sending it to his uber famous friends.

“Uh, uh yeah it’s like the sort of dregs of a sort of Gino D’Acampo tiramisu,” he continued to joke.

When asked what he’d give it on a scale of one-to-ten, Ramsay gave it a big ole goose egg, ZERO!

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"It's Like Swallowing Perfume"

Fans seemed to agree with the “Hell’s Kitchen” star.

“For once someone telling the truth about Prime,” one person commented.

“Prime is wayyyyy to sweet,” another added.

One person noted, “Stuff is gross. A buddy of mine had some and let me try it. People buy it cause of the names behind it. The names behind it is actually what makes me not buy it. Lol.”

“Taste like s**t,” a brutally honest fan wrote.

We recently reported that Ramsay came to the defense of Brooklyn after he received harsh criticism online for his Sunday Roast Instagram video.

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Ramsay Defends Brooklyn Beckham's Cooking

Gordon Ramsay

It was part of his “Cookin’ with Brooklyn” series which he spent $100k producing. He hired 62 crew members to make this series come to life.

Brooklyn along with Chef Kevin Lee @chefboylee made a Sunday roast with potatoes, mushroom sauce, Yorkshire pudding, and carrots.

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Many commenters said his beef looked “raw.”

“Might as well bite the cow while it’s grazing ?,” one commented.

“That’s just a reckless amount of butter for that much meat ?‍♂️,” another wrote.

One naysayer added, “The only veg he has is carrots with some barely cooked meat and watery arse gravy?? ??.”

Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz
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His mother, Victoria Beckham, came to his defense and now Ramsay did the same.

In an interview with MailOnline, the 56-year-old said it’s not Brooklyn’s fault for having famous parents.

The 23-year-old has tried many different career fields including being a footballer, photographer and now a chef.

He’s also dabbled in modeling like his parents.

Gordon Ramsay
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Ramsay feels everyone should shut their mouths, because (despite the age-old saying) the more cooks in the kitchen, the better.

“Brooklyn has grown up with my kids and is the son of dear friends of ours. I haven’t seen the video of his supposedly ‘raw’ beef,” he told MailOnline. “But even as a 12-year-old, whilst playing football, Brooklyn was always excited about food. So, I'm pleased that he's gone down that road and he's found something he really enjoys doing.”

The Michelin-Star chef felt for Brooklyn adding, “It's hard, isn't it? Because he didn't ask for that level of intrusion from having famous parents. It probably came off a certain way, but it's not his fault. So, I have no issues against it. I'm excited. We have another chef joining the mix.”

David and Victoria Beckham’s son also shared videos making spaghetti, salad and a bagel sandwich with a hashbrown, coleslaw and fried sea bream.

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Brooklyn Beckham

In other father-figure news, Ramsay hinted that he and his wife may have another bundle of joy on the way.

He is currently a father to five and welcomed his youngest son, Oscar J. Ramsay, in 2020.

Gordon recently joined Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on “Heart Breakfast” Tuesday, January 10th.

Theakston commented about the amount of kids the “Next Level Chef” star has, and Ramsay quipped, “Last time I looked, there was five.”

He then teased, “There could be one more on the way."

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