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By Gary Trock on October 12, 2020 at 8:32 AM EDT

LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest were delivered some bad news on Monday morning, because one of the key members of their early-morning team appears to have jumped ship and is now taking care of another TV star in the ABC family. The "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" hosts were seen starting off their week while doing the daily walk through the hallway on the set to their studio at ABC Studios in New York City, but were shocked as soon as they turned the corner.

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LIVE With Kelly and Ryan / Instagram

Kelly Ripa stopped in her tracks when she rounded the corner on her way to the studio and realized their normal coffee guy was replaced with another barista!

"He's not here, he's at the Tamron Hall Show," Seacrest was heard informing his "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" co-host while she stood, mouth agape with hands on her hips.

"Is that true?" Ripa asked about the coffee guy heading over to sling joe for Tamron Hall, which was recently renewed for another season by Disney.

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Kelly Ripa / Instagram

The new guy looks like he'll be able to handle his coffee responsibilities with no problem, but it is surprising that Kelly Ripa made such a big deal about the employee switch, seeing as she's caught heat in the past for her interaction with the OG coffee guy.

Loyal fans of "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" love to dissect the relationship dynamics that are portrayed during the early-morning hallway walks, and Ripa has been heavily criticized for not acknowledging the coffee guy's presence on a number of walk-throughs. Seacrest, on the other hand, has always been applauded by social media followers for his casual conversations before entering the studio.

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While it seemed like a perfect day for fans to pile on Kelly Ripa about her treatment of the old coffee guy, viewers were irate over another topic after "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" was preempted around the country for the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett.

"Can't watch ABC went to the judge hearings," one upset fan wrote.

"Not on in Virginia Beach! Hearings for Barret are on here. Would rather be watching you!" another fan responded after the show's IG account announced they were "live."

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The Tamron Hall Show / Instagram

Although there was a bit of joking around, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest were not upset about seeing their old friend move on to a new show, and were genuinely happy for Tamron Hall. The TV host is going to be needing all the coffee she can get after Walt Disney Television just renewed her popular daytime show for a third season.

"Tamron and our team aggressively came out of the starting block for a fantastic first month of our new season,” an ABC executive told Deadline.

They added, "we look forward to the Tamron Hall show remaining a daytime destination for viewers for years to come."

Better fire up that coffee.

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