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50 Cent Apologizes To Megan Thee Stallion, Admits He Was Not Supportive

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on January 13, 2023 at 2:30 AM EST

With the truth of Megan Thee Stallion Versus Tory Lanez out, 50 Cent has finally seen the light and is now apologizing to Stallion for disbelieving her statement.

As you may know, the “Hot girl Summer” rapper 2020 claimed that the “LUV” singer had shot her in the foot, and many people branded her a liar. Amongst the several people who trolled Stallion for speaking her truth was 50 Cent, and at that time, he posted a meme mocking her.

In light of Stallion’s victory against Lanez in court, the truth of what went down in 2020 was unveiled. And now, Cent is publicly apologizing to the “Savage” rapper for discrediting her statement. 

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50 Cent Apologizes For Trolling Megan Thee Stallion

The “Candy Shop” rapper had a radio interview with Big Boy Tv, and a clip from the discussion was shared on their official Instagram account.

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The video began with the 47-year-old rapper saying, “I’m gonna apologize to Megan Thee Stallion. I said some things... On social media, I posted things that—when she was with Gayle [King]—she said, 'Were you intimate with Tory Lanez?' And she said, 'What?' and it was like, 'No.' And I was like, 'Ah, she lying.” 

Cent continued, “At that point, I knew she was lying; it wouldn't be no reason for them to be around each other. From that, it felt like she was lying to me."

The businessman then disclosed that he was moved to apologize to Stallion when he had heard the tape of the Canadian singer admitting that he was guilty.  “That made me feel like, ‘Oh sh–, now I know what happened.’ I’m sure that’s what probably swayed people in the court, too,” Cent said. 

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This apology comes after the “Power” actor’s meme about Stallion, which has since been deleted. From reports, the meme was a picture collage, and the first image featured the 27-year-old rapper teary-eyed in an interview with Gayle King before morphing into "Empire star" Jussie Smollett

Alongside the image, the record producer wrote in the caption, “Damn, I’m confused [about] all this sh*t going around, [I] don’t know what to think. LOL”

The meme referred to Smollett’s controversial case in 2019, where he was sentenced to five months in prison for reportedly staging a hate crime and then claiming to be the victim of the alleged offense. 

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At the time of the “In da Club” rapper’s post, some of his followers attempted to clarify his confusion. One fan wrote in the comments, “Confused about what exactly? It’s clear that she was shot. All parties have agreed to that FACT.”

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Comedian and media personality Jessie Woo opined that Cent was backing the wrong horse. She wrote, “Maybe I’m lost, but…. Shouldn’t this meme have the face of the witness who keeps changing their story?? Not Megan.”

Photos Megan's Shocking Wounded Foot Released

Although the trial is now over, photos of the “WAP” rapper’s wounded foot surfaced on the internet, further buttressing her claim.

As we previously reported, the censored images showed Stallion’s swollen and bruised foot with a part of the flesh hanging off her heel and minor cuts surrounding the ankle. Also, there was an image of the freshly sown-up hole in her ankle. The photos were all the evidence that indeed the rapper had been shot. 

Stallion’s defense team also released more evidence, and the proof was six in total. The photos captured the crime scene, and they were presented to the jury. 

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From the images, the car contained a piece of luggage, shoes, a garbage bag, a white rag soaked in blood, and a piece of clothing that was also stained with blood. The leather seats of the Cadillac truck had blood stains, and the most incriminating of all was the gun which lay on the floor of the car.

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The gun in question was used against the “Thot Shit” rapper, and according to her former friend Kelsi Harris, it may have been the gun Lanez used to threaten her.

From all the evidence against the Canadian singer, he was found guilty of all three charges against him, including felony negligent discharge of a firearm, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm. Lanez faces up to 22 years in jail.

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