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'RHOC' Kelly Dodd's Husband, Rick Leventhal, Hospitalized After Horrific Car Accident

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By MLC on January 10, 2023 at 8:41 PM EST
Updated on January 10, 2023 at 11:33 PM EST

Kelly Dodd’s husband, Rick Leventhal, has been hospitalized after suffering injuries from a serious car accident.

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star shared photos and video footage from the wreckage on Instagram on Tuesday, January 10th.

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Kelly Dodd's Husband Involved In Serious Car Accident

The front of his white Mercedes is completely smashed in and the left-hand driver’s side front bumper is completely ripped off and about 10 feet away from where the car is stalled on the freeway.

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She captioned the scary post, “There will be no smash tomorrow on @youtube the rick and kelly show. My husband got in a horrible car accident. He is in the ER.. please say prayers for @rickleventhal.”

Leventhal actually commented on the post from his hospital bed.

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Leventhal Gives Update From Inside The Hospital!

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“Honestly I’m lucky to be alive. Scariest moments of my life. This makes everything even more meaningful ❤️,” he wrote in Dodd’s post.

Many of her followers and fellow housewives were quick to comment on the post.

“Oh no I hope he’s ok ???,” S.E. Cupp wrote.

Gretchen Rossi commented, “Oh no ? sending prayers ??❤️ Hope he is ok.”

Margaret Josephs replied, “So frightening sending prayers ???❤️.”

Fans of Dodd also chimed in with their well wishes.

“Praying for you both. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery,” one fan wrote.

“So scary sending my prayers to you both and hoping for a quick recovery ?,” another commented.

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Kelly Was On A Girl's Trip To Aspen, CO. At The Time Of His Crash

One fan was hopeful of a fast recovery writing, “If he’s up, walking and taking videos, I hope that means he will be ok! Sorry this happened to him!”

Hours before Leventhal’s accident, Dodd shared a photo dump to kick off her girl’s trip to Aspen, Colorado. It’s unclear if Dodd has flown back to California to be with her husband.

At the time The Blast wrote this article, it was also unclear who was at fault for the accident and whether or not there were any other cars/people involved in the wreck.

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However, Levanthal gave an video update on his personal Instagram account.

With an oxygen tube in his nose, Dodd's husband told his followers, "Thank you guys for your support, your well wishes. The texts and calls, all that. I really appreciate it. I have four broken ribs and my right foot, there's a fracture on top. Other than that I'm fine. There's nothing internal they can find, but they want to keep me in the hospital for a little bit."

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He geo-tagged his post from Palm Springs, California.

"It could've been so much worse. I hydroplaned. I was headed east on the I-10 about 40 minutes outside of Palm Desert, just straight away hit what felt like a patch of ice," he continued. "The road was slick. I lost control, slammed into the wall hard. Started spinning around and across lanes of traffic and slammed right into the back of a tractor-trailer."

The impact ripped the front of his Mercedes off, smashed his windshield and his airbags deployed. He thinks he may have broken his ribs from the airbags going off. Leventhal added that the trucker helped him out.

Earlier this year, Dodd went off on Tamra Judge during her and Leventhal’s podcast.

She slammed Tamra for being a liar.

Kelly Dodd Calls Tamra Judge A "Liar"

During “Rick & Kelly’s Daily Smash,” Dodd’s husband started out the conversation of Tamra by calling it their “top story.”

“On yesterday’s ‘Smash’ Kelly said something about Tamra and Eddie saying she that needed the paycheck from the ‘Housewives’ because she’s the breadwinner in that family and Eddie hasn’t really done much,” Leventhal said. Dodd added, “She’s the primary breadwinner.”

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She continued by adding that Tamra tells people that her husband Eddie Judge went to law school, and that she’s been lying about a lot. “Don’t be a liar, Tamra. You’re an f’ing liar. I’m going to start calling you out,” she said. “Because you didn’t have my back at BravoCon. I’m just going to show everyone how much of a liar, and a fake and a phony that you are, so here we go.”

Leventhal jumped in and said Dodd has the right to feel that way because Tamra hasn’t been supporting her when given the chance.

The chat then turned to Tamra and Eddie’s CBD company, Vena. “When she started doing this Vena, I was at her house. She had some people in there that were at her house and I met them and they were the ones behind the CBD line. They’re the ones who have the intellectual property, they were the ones that who did it. I was with her when it happened,” she said.

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They continued discussing how they researched the LLC documents for Vena Wellness, the company that Tamra and Eddie claim to have co-founded. “The documents make no mention of the Judges,” he said. “And this is important, because if you co-found a company and there’s an LLC for that company, we’ve have LLC’s, we’ve co-founded companies. You can look it up, we have companies. You co-found a company and your name is not on the LLC, then it’s not your company. You might be the face of the company. You might be making money when you sell the products of that company, but you don’t own that company.”

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