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People Are Not Happy With Bachelor Nation's Tia Booth Over A Big Parenting Decision

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By Taylor Hodgkins on January 10, 2023 at 11:30 PM EST

Tia Booth is navigating new motherhood in a way she knows best! Unfortunately, the new mama is being confronted by those on the internet who think they know best when it comes to parenting decisions.

"The Bachelor" and "Bachelor In Paradise" alumna welcomed her first child with fiancé Taylor Mock. The duo's son arrived on the block on December 6th!

Booth commemorated her son Tatum's birth with a reel on Instagram, posted the next day. Since Tatum's birth, Booth has posted many of her son's early days to Instagram, and her followers have been generally kind about her new bundle of joy.

However, some of Booth's Instagram followers aren't happy with one of her recently revealed decisions surrounding her son's care, and they're sounding off in the comment section of her latest post.

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Some Bachelor Nation Fans Aren't Happy With Booth For This Reason

Booth has been transparent in sharing her big moments with Bachelor Nation and her followers over the past year. She shared her pregnancy announcement and engagement news through sharing posts on Instagram! She also thoroughly documented her pregnancy on the 'gram as well, sharing many photos of her bump.

Not every single Bachelor Nation fan has been receptive to Booth's early motherhood experience. According to Us Weekly, Booth received a message from a follower criticizing her decision to hire a night nurse. She would share a screenshot of the DM on her Instagram stories on Monday night.

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Tia Booth's Instagram story shot of DM
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"Not trying to be mean," the follower wrote, "but having a child is taking responsibility and bonding with your baby in the middle of the night when they wake. Not hiring someone to do it for you so you can 'sleep,'' they concluded.

"Like I said, it's a luxury to have help a few nights a week. Thanks for your opinion," Booth responded.

She then provided more context to the situation.

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"Got 3 more that weren't as friendly. It's a temporary service that helps us tremendously as first time parents," Booth shared. "I've learned so much from these nurses and will never look back and think da*n I wish I would've been more sleep deprived on those nights we had help?! I'm about to be a better mom during the day when I can THINK & know my baby was so loved on & taken care of the night before. I don't have family here. Neither does Taylor. This is our help a few nights a week! Reminder to keep this to myself from now on," she concluded.

Booth shared a shot of Tatum in her next slide, pleading for followers to "STOP FREAKING MOM SHAMING."

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Tia Booth's Instagram story shot of her son
Tia Booth third Instagram story slide
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She also added in a third slide, "MOMS, who have once been first time moms, will say 'do what's best for you and your family' and then shame you & lose respect for you needing help. We can only be praised when we're exhausted & doing it all alone?? It's insanity."

The Conversation Continued In Booth's Latest Instagram Post

Some of Booth's followers weren't done contributing to the conversation.

In the comment section for her latest Instagram post, the discussion got heated as a few followers continued to share their thoughts.

"Unfollowed. The lack of acknowledgment and privilege while complaining about motherhood and having a NIGHT NURSE is incredibly tone deaf. Had she recognized her privilege while also discussing the hundreds of thousands of dollars she has put into privileged items, it would be different," a former follower commented.

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"Honestly though as soon as I saw your Instagram story my first thought was why are you sharing this?? The amount of negative comments you will get," a follower wrote, "Ignore them but probably best not to share these things because it truly brings out the trolls and gives them the feeling they have the right to judge. You guys do what's best for you," another follower wrote.

"Don't let anyone have the power to shame you," another follower wrote to Booth, "They speak from issues within themselves and it represents THEM not you, as a mother. The 'help' you're getting and paying for is what most moms had with a family member or friend or could only dream of having," they added. "Any nee [sic] mom who says they'd [turn] down extra sleep is LYING. You are an AMAZING Mom!"

Booth recently returned to the Bachelor Nation podcast "Click Bait" to discuss her experience so far with new motherhood! The episode is now streaming.

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