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Tyga Sued For Allegedly Missing Payments On His Lambo & Bentley

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By Kay on January 10, 2023 at 2:05 PM EST

Rapper Tyga is having trouble with his cars again! This time he is being suedfor allegedly not paying the outstanding amounts on two of his luxury vehicles.

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Tyga Is On The Hook For The Full Amount Says The Company


According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Choice Motors Credit wants the rapper to pay up… in full...for a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador and a 2014 Bentley Mulsanne. The company, based out of Arizona detailed in the filing that Tyga still owes over six figures on both vehicles.

Now, in addition to the pending car amounts they also want the interest incurred on the cars to be paid as well. For the Lambo, the remaining amount is about $390,000 but when you factor in the interest, the payment shoots up to a whopping $1,085,421.63.

The Bentley was significantly less, thankfully but still way above an average person’s car debt. All in, it’s $255,950.52. Shockingly, the total amount for both cars is $1,345,265.52, Is any else’s stomach hurting after looking at that judgment?

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It should be noted, the California filing is a "sister-state judgment" which appears to be because he already owes this amount from an Arizona court case.

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Rapper Tyga Has No Luck With Cars

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Tyga loves flashy, fancy cars, but he has a hard time holding onto them. The “Taste” rapper just went through a car issue in 2021. At the time, the media posted about his “$128k Legal Battle”. According to reports, he had his Ferrari and Rolls Royce taken away after failing to make payments.

This time around the lawsuit came from Midway Rent A Car who claimed he owed “a total of $127,789.73 over luxury automobiles he leased from them in 2015.” Breaking it down, Tyga owed $267k on the Ferrari and caught a break with $174k on the Rolls Royce.

The “Rack City” rapper isn’t racking it up because his life looks like one legal battle after another could be costing him a fortune. It’s not only cars that Tyga has a problem keeping up the payments for.

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Tyga Allegedly Failed To Pay For Furniture Too

Tyga and a friend leaving their hotel during Paris Fashion Week

Furniture has proven to be a big problem for Tyga too, as he also had a hard time paying for a home staging back in 2019. By 2021, the company, Showroom Interiors were looking for its coin. They claimed to have provided, “design, decorating, delivery, installation, and rental of furniture and other goods,” and still saw no money from Tyga.

In the contract, it looked like Tyga got the staging done for his own home in Los Angeles at the time. The total bill for the 4-bedroom home was $84. It included, “$5k for installation, $10k security deposit plus $69k for a six-month rental of the furniture.”

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Tyga allegedly flat-out refused to pay the final bill so not only did the company take legal action, but they also wanted an extra $27k plus interest for the months leading up to this event and their efforts to obtain their pay.

It’s safe to say that Tyga has a history of ducking out on his bills and is really only inclined to pay them after legal action has been threatened. It’s a bad tactic in the long run, there are only so many companies that can offer up luxury cars. Right?

Tyga hasn't responded to the case.

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