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THIS Celeb Duo Has Been Besties For Ages!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on January 8, 2023 at 5:30 PM EST

Disney's 1998 remake of "The Parent Trap" certainly has a lasting legacy on popular culture!

It was the first time we saw Lindsay Lohan on the big screen, and was perhaps a big reason why the combination of peanut butter and Oreos entered the cultural lexicon!

The film's legacy would turn out to greatly impact two of the film's actresses for the rest of their lives; Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix would go on to remember the film for playing a pivotal role in their decades-spanning relationship!

That's right- Chessy and Meredith Blake are inseparable besties in real life!

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Walter played the beloved housekeeper to Dennis Quaid's Nick Parker and Lohan's Hallie, and Hendrix played the slinky and seductive Meredith, the villain who stood between Hallie and her long-separated twin sister Annie's dream of reuniting their parents!

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Inside Walter And Hendrix's Enduring Friendship

Various aspects surrounding "The Parent Trap" have kept the film circulating in the popular culture hemisphere in the last few years! Walter, who currently stars on the hit sitcom "Abbot Elementary," and her beloved character Chessy would become TikTok fixtures, as users began paying tribute by recreating scenes and highlighting Chessy's simple-but-stylish wardrobe!

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The internet also decided to collectively reframe how it viewed Meredith's character; Hendrix, herself, helped fans re-examine how the character has long been viewed on TikTok as well!

She would create a TikTok while in character as Meredith for E!, where she explained (among other reasons), "It's not my fault [Nick] lied to his kid her whole life and I became the one standing in the way of their 'happy ending...!' (per Insider)

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For Hendrix and Walter, "The Parent Trap" was only a piece of their long history as close pals. The duo are frequently seen on Instagram together, including snapshots wherein they can be seen as each other's dates for red carpet events.

The film may be a small piece of their history (they had met before landing roles in the film, according to Vanity Fair), but it was an integral one!

The outlet reported that the duo's friendship was strengthened by the time they spent between scenes. The duo would show off their silly sides by dressing up and creating characters to "amuse themselves."

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The duo's bond would go on to carry on through the decades since the film's release! When describing her friendship with Hendrix, Walter said, "Elaine is family. She knows all of my kids, and we don't need anybody else. We have each other. Elaine's my sister now; I adopted her," Walter joked.

Hendrix and Walter have brought their bond to TikTok multiple times, including filming a rendition of a classic scene featuring the two together in "The Parent Trap" in 2021.

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Fans were ecstatic to see the duo recreate the "You rang?" scene!

"I NEED TO TAKE A PERSONAL DAY FROM THIS," TikToker and millennial-themed influencer Rod, wrote.

"I just love that you are best friends in real life," TikToker Zachariah commented on the TikTok, posted by Hendrix.

Comedienne Caitlin Reilly commented what we were all thinking when she wrote "ICONIC" in all-caps.

Walter was said to have subtly referenced her character in an episode of "Abbot Elementary" where her character wore similar clothing to Chessy's legendary threads! Hendrix has also referenced Meredith Blake a number of times on her TikTok account as well.

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