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Randall Emmett Denies He Is Under Investigation By The FBI

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By Kay on January 6, 2023 at 8:30 PM EST

Randall Emmett is fighting back after his ex-wife Ambyr Childers made claims that the FBI is investigating him for pedophilia.

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Ambyr Childers Can Say Anything

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The producer is annoyed that his ex-wife was able to obtain a temporary restraining order based off of something he says isn’t even true. Randal claims there no pedophilia charges or investigations attached to his name.

Speaking with PageSix he went into detail. “I am not being investigated by the FBI nor anyone else, and the notion that I am is beyond absurd.” Emmett was very clear about that before continuing.

“Anyone can say whatever they want in a pleading; that doesn’t make it true. There is zero evidence that I’m being investigated for anything, and we still share 50/50 custody of our children. I am shocked and in utter disbelief that Ambyr would even hint at something so disgusting and untrue.”

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Ambyr Childers Flat Out Said It

//ambyr childers

The actress didn’t mince words when she made the statement while celebrating winning the TRO against Randall. She straight up said that Rand is “suspected [of] child exploitation and pedophilia.”

She said that she only learned of the investigation in early December when she “was contacted by a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation asking [her] questions about [Emmett’s] suspected activities with child exploitation and pedophilia.”

Apparently, Childers is not the only person who is aware of this, the L.A. Times claimed that they know of three other individuals who were also contacted by the FBI.

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The FBI Has A Few Words

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The FBI is weighing in on the situation after PageSix reached out to them. A spokesperson said, “In keeping with DOJ policy, the FBI can neither confirm nor deny the existence of investigations.”

Okay, so no help there but the restraining order that Childers was once denied was all of a sudden granted when this piece of information came into the fold, does that mean anything? Childers and Emmett share two young daughters together and she claims the phone call from the FBI has caused her “extreme destruction and disturbance of [her] emotional calm and peace of mind.”

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Childers restraining order asks that Randall stay 100 yards away from the actress. It was obtained on December 22 and it also puts in place that Randall cannot contact Childers unless it’s a “brief and peaceful” talk about their daughters London, 12, and Rylee, 9.

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Ambyr Childers Wants The Girls

//ambyr childers and daughters

The mom of two is pushing for full-time custody of the couple’s daughter. She currently has a 50/50 agreement but wants “sole legal and physical custody” of the girls “for a variety of reasons.”

In the court filing, she claims, Randall’s “possible involvement in child exploitation and pedophilia, along with the fact that he is being actively investigated by federal law enforcement, dictates that he should not be allowed to have the children other than with a professional monitor.”

She believes it’s too risky to have the children around him out of fear that federal law enforcement serves either an arrest or search warrant on him or on his premises while the children are present.”

She believes a scene like this will cause “further harm to both children.” Childers hasn’t commented further but we will be on the lookout for how this mess unfolds.

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