Lenny Hochstein and Lisa Hochstein at the Grand Opening of SLS Hotel South Beach

Lenny Hochstein Claims Estranged Wife Lisa Turned Him Into A 'Servant'

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By Favour Adegoke on January 6, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST

Lenny Hochstein has accused his wife, Lisa, of abuse in a lengthy social media comment.

The  star plastic surgeon alleged that the "Real Housewives of Miami" star was abusive and disrespectful to him throughout their marriage. The estranged couple accused each other of infidelity.

According to Lenny, Lisa invited two individuals to their joint Halloween party with whom she had a romantic relationship. Before leaving Lisa in May 2022, Lenny began dating Katharina Mazepa, and the two have been going through a difficult divorce process ever since.

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Lenny Hochstein Accuses Lisa Of Abuse

'RHOM' Lisa Hochstein Struggling To Afford Lifestyle After Separation From Lenny Hochstein

Lenny accused his estranged wife, Lisa, of abuse in a lengthy social media comment, stating that the reality TV star treated him like a "servant."

"She refused to help me with the smallest requests, yelled at me on a weekly if not daily basis, established a life completely away from me, stayed out partying when I was home, criticized everything I did (except working hard), shoved her friends who I disliked down my throat, embarrassed me in public in front of my friends and refused to do anything with me," Lenny complained.

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"One of the guys [Lisa's] dating has been to our home, has vacationed with us, and has had a 'friendly' relationship with her for 7 years," the surgeon continued in his reply to a fan, adding, "but I'm the bad guy?"

He then went on to highlight that he tried to sacrifice his life for their kids, but "ultimately the abuse became too much."

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Lisa Hochstein Calls Her Estranged Husband's Claims 'Lies'

Lisa Hochstein Created Troll Accounts To Slam Estranged Husband's Girlfriend

According to Page Six, the "RHOM" star responded to her estranged husband's allegations that she was abusive during their marriage.

"After getting caught on a hot mic with no way to walk back his infidelity and nonsense, he goes to social media with his girlfriend who's a self-proclaimed 'home-wrecking whore' to make up lies," Lisa said in her reply. 

The hot mic incident Lisa was referring to involved Lenny telling Vito, a friend who had recently become single, that he might follow suit in a few months. He stated that it had been "the same stuff it's always been" when asked if he and Lisa had specific or general issues.

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Lenny Hochstein Filed To Divorce The 'RHOM' Star

'RHOM' Lisa Hochstein Struggling To Afford Lifestyle After Separation From Lenny Hochstein

Lenny and Lisa had been married since 2009 before engaging in a highly publicized and contentious divorce process. According to Page Six, he claimed that their "marriage is irretrievably ruined and there is no present possibility for a meaningful reunion."

He confirmed the news to the media outlet over a phone call in May, saying, "Lisa and I are getting divorced." Lenny added, "A few weeks ago, I denied this because I am trying my best to protect my family during this process. This is a very difficult time, and I would ask for some privacy so that we can best take care of our children who mean the world to us."

He stated that he would pay spousal support following the terms of their prenuptial agreement, which they signed before getting married.

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The divorce process has been tumultuous, with Lisa alleging that Lenny cut her off financially and that she was unable to buy diapers for their kids. She received a reply from Lenny, who stated that she was paid $30,000 for every episode of "Real Housewives of Miami."

After the self-described "boob god" requested that NBCUniversal turn over all financial information regarding Lisa's compensation for "Real Housewives of Miami," she also demanded to see Lenny's tax return.

The estranged couple shares a son, Logan, 7, and a daughter, Elle, 3.

Lisa Hochstein And Katharina Mazepa 

'RHOM' Lisa Hochstein Struggling To Afford Lifestyle After Separation From Lenny Hochstein

As a response to accusations that he was in a relationship with someone other than his wife, Lisa, Lenny made his relationship with Austrian model Mazepa public.

According to The Blast, the "RHOM" star and Mazepa have since been engaged in a vicious dispute, with Lisa being accused of setting up a phony Instagram account to harass her husband's new lover. 

In retaliation, Mazepa filed a restraining order against Lisa, claiming that the reality star committed several "stalking acts." A Judge ultimately dismissed it.

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