Olivia Culpo Straddles NFL Star Boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey, For 'Game Day' Make-Out Session

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By Mike Walters on September 13, 2020 at 9:10 AM EDT

Olivia Culpo is making sure her NFL star boyfriend is pumped and ready for Sunday game day, and what better way than reminding him what he is coming home too as soon as he brings home that big win!

The 'Sports Illustrated' model posted a mind-blowing set of photos on Instagram Sunday, and the messages to her boyfriend were is what you are working for, get out there and give um' hell!

The stunning model posted photos of herself straddling and making out with her boyfriend, Carolina Panthers running back, Christian McCaffrey.

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As you can see, there are plenty of sparks flying between these two, and the couple spent a large portion of the off-season together.

Today is the first day of NFL Football, and Culpo is doing everything she can to support her man and his first game. "ITS GAME DAY ‼️‼️ lets goooo @christianmccaffrey," she wrote on IG, -- and included several photos of them making out and with hands all OVER each other!

"Pair of legends, Two beautiful humans ?" one person wrote after seeing the smoking hot shots!

Another added, "Cutest couple ever ??????"

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"Omg for a sec, uhmmm why is he on the beach and not on the field?" a fan worriedly said.

We should be clear, these are throwback photos...and Olivia is just reminding Christian what he is working with and we are guessing he is going to score whether or not he gets in the endzone.

The best part, many football fans are sliding into Olivia's IG to ask her to remind McCaffrey to help pump up those fantasy football points for them this week.

"Tell Christian I expect at least 25 fantasy points this weekend ?" a fan posted.

Another said, "Big points today ur on my fantasy football team!"

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FYI -- Christian McCaffrey has already scored a touchdown in his game, at the time this was posted!!

As you can imagine, Olivia Culpo is just one of the NFL's hottest wives and girlfriends and has posted photos enjoyed a boating adventure with the star running back.

On many occasions, she is pounding down a fried chicken in the process, she loves her some chicken! "You had me at fried chicken sandwich,” Culpo posted on a photo with the couple munching down on the lunch.

Culpo and McCaffrey have been quarantining together since March, and prior to him, Culpo dated Detroit Lions receiver, Danny Amendola.

The bottom line, they both are already winning! Go Panthers!

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