Tamar Braxton's Ex-Boyfriend Says She Threatened To Kill Him, Punched His Neck, Called Him 'Gay'

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By Mike Walters on September 11, 2020 at 12:38 PM EDT


Tamar Braxton's boyfriend claims the reality star threatened to kill him during a recent violent argument, attacked him by punching him in the neck while he was driving, and says he has been the victim of verbal and physical abuse on several occasions during their tumultuous relationship.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, David Adefeso filed a domestic violence restraining order with L.A County Courts, asking a judge to keep the reality star 100 yards away from him and his family.

In the documents, David outlines a violent episode on August 30, that ultimately ended the couple's relationship, and police are now investigating.

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In the explosive legal filing, Tamar's boyfriend's lawyer says, "Mr. Adefeso and Ms. Braxton were engaged in a verbal argument while Mr. Adefeso was driving the couple in his vehicle, which ultimately resulted in the termination of their relationship."

It continued, "Mr. Adefeso told Ms. Braxton that he was going to call his mother, and Ms. Braxton responded by abruptly and violently punching him in the jugular region of his neck, disorienting Mr. Adefeso with the malicious intent to cause Mr. Adefeso to crash the vehicle."

Tamar's ex-boyfriend says the 'Braxton Family Values' star was taping their fight following the neck punch. "Unbeknownst to both Mr. Adefeso and his mother, Ms. Braxton then began making an audio recording of this argument without his content."

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In the restraining order filing, David claims the fight continued after he stopped the parked car and she kept assaulting him.

"Ms. Braxton continued to yell at Mr. Adefeso, punch Mr. Adefeso's shoulder, and physically damage his vehicle by smashing the vehicle's camera, rearview mirror, and various items inside of the vehicle."

During the violent incident, David claims Tamar said she "was going to kill him."

In the filing, David outlines several other instances of abuse during their relationship, including an allegation that her ex-husband was going to "send goons" to kill him. He says Tamar said she "held her ex-husband off from doing so...and that "she now wanted to let her ex-husbands 'goons' loose on him."

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After the incident, David claims he suffered injuries including, "bruising to (his) neck and shoulder area," and massive property damage to his vehicle.

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In the explosive TRO filing, David describes two separate prior instances of abuse by Tamar Braxton including one this past June, and one in Septemeber of 2019.

According to the documents, in June, the couple starting arguing about Braxton's "ex-husband staying at her home while she was not present." During this argument, "Ms. Braxton became verbally abusive, belligerent, screaming at Mr. Adefeso. Mr. Braxton also became hostile and aggressive, grabbing (him) by the shirt and refusing to cease from blocking his way to leave the room."

In September of 2019, he also claims the couple was arguing about her 'publically abusive and disparaging comment' made to a family member.

"Ms. Braxton told Mr. Adefeso that (he) was 'Gay' and then lied to family members about calling him 'Gay.' During the argument, he claims she "became irate and hostile, and then grabbed (his) wrist to present him from leaving the room."

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After the most recent violent incident, David filed documents that appear to show LAPD is now investigating that case, and issued him an 'emergency protective order' against Tamar.

Tamar's ex-boyfriend also attached several text messages with detail a conversation with her ex-husband which discusses details of her moving out of the couple's condo.

In the messages, the father of her 7-year-old son refers to a recent Instagram post by David as a 'stunt' and claims to have heard the audio which was recording during the incident.

As we reported, Tamar has an entirely different story about what transpired in the car, claiming she only touched him AFTER he grabbed her and threaten to kill them both in a 'murder-suicide.'

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At this point, a judge will decide on the restraining order, and the LAPD will determine whether or not a crime has occurred.

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