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'LPBW' Star Tori Roloff Says Family's Time On TV Is 'Coming To A Close'

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 31, 2022 at 1:00 PM EST

Tori Roloff and her family might be done with reality TV life sooner than later!

The "LPBW" star is married to Zach Roloff and shares three children, Josiah, Lilah, and Jackson, with him. Recently the newest season of their show has captured a lot of drama within the family, and it may have spurred a decision that fans might not be ready for. While chatting with followers on social media, she might have insinuated about their future plans, which might not include the series. 

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Tori Roloff Hints Family's Appearance On Hit Show Might Be Over Soon

During a question and answer session via her Instagram story, the TV personality was asked, "How long do you plan to be on television? Thanks for sharing your lives with us," by a fan. To which she responded:

"I think our time is definitely coming to a close, but we're trying to enjoy it while it's here."

She was also asked about her favorite and least favorite part of filming, which then prompted her to slam the many misconceptions people have about them because they only got to see what TLC shows them. 

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Tori Roloff's post on her Instagram story
Instagram | Tori Roloff
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Speaking about her favorite part, the 31-year-old disclosed that it was being able to experience cool things and meet awesome people while getting the opportunity to share their life stories. 

The photographer had previously shared that her family's time on the series was coming to an end in a previous Q&A session she held in November. When she was asked if she and her husband would ever "step away from filming" the show, Tori responded with a simple "Yes." 

She did not provide more information or a timeline as to when the departure would occur. When and if they do, Zach would be the last of Matt and Amy Roloff's kids to remain on the show.

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Fans will recall that his twin brother Jeremy alongside his wife Audrey, announced their decision four years ago in July. While his two other siblings, Molly and Jacob, opted out in 2019. Another reason for their wanting to leave might be because of the drama that ensued within the family concerning the sale of Roloff Farms.

The family's patriarch had negotiated a deal with the father-of-three to take over the land in the 22nd season of the reality series. Unfortunately, he decided not to sell, leading Zach to move from Portland, Oregon, to Battle Ground, Washington. 

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Earlier in the year, the 61-year-old finally put 16 acres of the property on the market, including the home where he and his ex-wife raised his kids. He took the sales listing down in October while announcing that he would be converting it to rental property. 

During the season 23 premiere in May, the former schoolteacher and her beau disclosed that the drama caused them to be estranged from her father-in-law and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

The 'Tori Roloff Photography' Owner Celebrates Son Josiah's First Appearance In Family Portrait

Tori Roloff's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Tori Roloff

The proud mother is always excited to show off her kids' accomplishments whenever she can, and it doesn't matter how little it is. The Blast shared that she hardly lets any milestones or significant moments go unnoticed. 

Since she gave birth to her third child Josiah Luke Roloff in October, the mother-of-three put her profession as a photographer to use and flooded her page with pictures and videos of the tiny tot.  

The reality TV star marked a new milestone in her family's life on her Instagram page with her baby's first appearance in the latest Roloff family portrait. The picture showed the small family kneeling close to each other in a beautiful colored field as the atmosphere provided a soft hue.

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The couple matched in bluish-gray shirts while their two older kids, Jackson and Lilah, wore identical nude-colored outfits. The newest addition to their family donned a white-colored onesie.

The social media influencer captioned the post, "Finally in some family photos! ?" adding, "Thank you SO much @moniquetserra for snapping these of my family! You're seriously the best friend I could ask for, not just because you take amazing photos, but because you love my family so well!"

She ended the caption with a few hashtags, "#zandtpartyoffive #storyofzachandtori #babyjroloff #babylilahray #josiahlukeroloff," as well as noting that her photography outfit did the edits.

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