Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis at the NYFF Closing Night Gala

Emma Heming Willis Recalls Exact Moment She 'Fell Head Over Heels In Love' With Bruce Willis

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on December 30, 2022 at 9:00 AM EST

Emma Heming Willis is recalling a very special moment. The model married famous actor Bruce Willis in 2009, and they share two daughters, Mabel Ray and Evelyn Penn.

While he might be suffering from the illness aphasia, which affects the ability to speak, read, listen or write, it did not stop her from showering him with love. 

Still, together after twelve years, she recently remembered the exact moment she knew he was the one. 

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Emma Heming Willis Shares Details On Exact Moment She Fell For Husband Bruce Willis

Taking to her Instagram page, the mother-of-two posted a video of the pair on vacation during winter. While the song "Harmless" by Swing Lynn played over their voices, the "Red" actor could be seen documenting their moments together. 

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Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis.
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In the beginning, he was captured taking a picture of Emma and then making a video of the duo about to slide down the mountain on a sled. 

She smiled nervously and hung on for dear life while her beau showed off his adventurous side by leaning back still and shouting happily into the camera. 

The scene cut to the lovebirds on a bike as the 67-year-old drove and made excited noises which she copied. 

Finally, off the snowmobile, they stood at a point where water was still running as the "Die Hard" star counted down for her to jump, laughing when she only succeeded in making it off the ground just a little bit.

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The final frame of the heartwarming clip showed the lovebirds with their arms around each other. In the caption, she wrote, "It was that winter, 15 years ago, I fell head over heels in love with him ๐Ÿค #loveofmylife." 

Fans gushed over the "Unbreakable" actor's laugh and dropped red heart emojis. Two of his daughters also dropped a comment. Tallulah Willis wrote, "This makes my heart glow," while Scout La Rue Willis remarked, "This is blowing my mind!"

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Her Is Why Emma Heming Loves The 'Red' Actor

Earlier the 44-year-old, in a separate post, explained why she fell hard for her beau. The Blast shared that she showered praises on him due to his fearless spirit.  In the throwback video, Bruce could be seen on stage with the famous group The Temptations belting out the song "Under the Boardwalk" by the Drifters.

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Speaking of the soulful rendition, she noted that her motto was never to let fear stop her because it usually did, adding, "Which is another reason I fell for my husband. Fear has never stopped him." The Malta native, in awe, asked rhetorically, "what kind of next-level confidence does it take to sing lead with The Temptations?" 

She disclosed that regardless of whatever anyone had to say about Bruce, he never let naysayers stop him from doing anything because his passion always led him.  To end her message, she expressed her respect, admiration, and love for the star, urging her followers to enjoy the beautiful video. 

His daughter Rumer was one of the first to comment, writing, "Papa!!!"  Many other fans noted how much they loved him, as one user wrote, "He will always be one of my favorite humans of all time. An unmatched energy and spirit, praying for you all that peace and happiness continue to fill your lives even during the toughest times." 

Another follower commented, "๐Ÿ‘thanks for sharing. He didn't even sweat a drop up there. I have always been a fan since Moonlighting." 

One fan excitedly wrote, "Wow, love totally remembering this. Bruce rocked the room! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ" 

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The 'Perfect Stranger' Star Celebrates Her Husband On National Boyfriend Day

//Emma Heming Willis

The actress is known to take every opportunity to fawn over her Hollywood icon husband. As previously reported by The Blast, she took to her Instagram story to celebrate him on National Boyfriend Day with a black and white throwback picture of the duo. 

Taken in 2008, they looked full of energy as the people around them in the background were blurred out. Emma wore a white top paired with a diamond bracelet on her wrist while her brunette hair fell in waves down her back. The "Sixth Sense" actor donned a shirt with a pair of sunglasses hanging on the neck and a cowboy hat. 

The mother-of-two wrapped her arms around her man tightly as she kissed him passionately on his cheek. Bruce smiled into the camera, and Emma light-heartedly captioned the post, "when he was my bf, and we were living in sin."

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