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By Melanie VanDerveer on December 29, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST

Thousands of flights were canceled this week by Southwest Airlines, leaving many customers stranded, unable to get to their travel destinations during the holiday week, and losing their bags in the process.

According to Flight Aware, by early afternoon on the East Coast on Wednesday, about 90 percent of all cancelled flights were in the United States from Southwest, with more than 2,500 flights affected. Angry, upset passengers took to social media to show their side of this crisis and what they've been dealing with for days.

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Southwest Airlines Leaves Many Stranded, Some Without Their Luggage

Southwest Airlines debacle from TikTokers view
Samiamwhoareyou - TikTok

One TikToker who goes by the name Samiamwhoareyou, showed a side this messy situation that many people not affected are unaware of. Luggage just plopped all over the baggage area, left for people to find on their own, has become a big disaster for passengers who are already dealing with their flights being cancelled. "A never ending SEA of bags… ?," the video posted on Tuesday was captioned.

Many viewers dropped into the comment section to leave their thoughts. "AirTag sales after this ?," one viewer wrote. "Saw a luggage tag that said 'covid is better than southwest because at least covid is airborne' ?," another said.

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With many people stranded, thanks to the canceled flights, and nowhere to go, some passengers decided to take things into their own hands and help out their fellow traveler, according to one commenter who wrote, "My fiancé told me that bored passengers called people to let them know where their bags were."

Other viewers added their level of horror over the situation sharing their frustrations. One person wrote, "My bag is in a state I didn’t even fly to," and another added, "I know someone’s who’s flight got cancelled with her baby’s urn checked in her bag."

Another TikToker wrote about her mom's unfortunate, and rotting situation saying, "My mom packing a beef roast to cook here for Xmas but is now stranded in Vegas for 5+ days rotting away ?"

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Many Other TikTokers Were Left To Find Their Lost Bags In A Sea Of Suitcases

Southwest Airlines debacle from TikToker HillaryHelennn's perspective
Hillaryhelennn - TikTok

One TikToker, hillaryhelennn, made it to Houston, but is unsure if her bag did. She showed a sea of bags all over the place while explaining her situation. "So we finally made it to Houston but the problem is I need to get my bag," she said. "This is what the Houston airport looks like to retrieve your bag."

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She also explained that she had plans to drive from Houston to Los Angeles but there is a waitlist to get a rental car. "It honestly feels like I am on a bad episode of 'The Amazing Race,'" she said.

One viewer added part of her experience into the comment section writing, "Are they giving y’all vouchers? They gave us a $14 food voucher for the inconvenience. ?" Another added a funny thought, "In the Amazing Race, they don’t check their bags… for this same exact reason."

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Other TikTok Users Shared Their Southwest Airlines Horror Stories

Southwest Airlines debacle by TikToker Graceinnewyork
Graceinnewyork - TikTok

TikToker Graceinnewyork shared her Southwest Airlines story. "So let's start this out. My flight literally was boarding at 5:55 a.m., left my hotel at 3:30 in the morning, finally get here," she started. "Flight's cancelled. They're taking our luggage? What? Why is my luggage going to New York and I'm not going to New York?"

She then explains how on Monday she was told the next flight going to New York is Thursday. "And they're like, 'Oh yeah, we don't have a captain,'" she continued. "We don't have flight attendants." Confused she said, "Everyone just didn't show up today? Who works at an airline?"

Continuing her horror story she explained that they've given her no way of finding a resolution. "The option is to wait in these massive lines for customer service," she said. "This is so irritating."

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Many viewers were simply confused about how this situation is playing out. "It’s the bags still getting on the plane and flying for me, ?" one follower wrote in the comments. "They should be letting you book w another airline for free," said another. Another follower, who's also dealing with travel issues added, "I got cancelled 4 times and finally switched to delta. It's not worth it."

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