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Ryan Seacrest Makes Jab At Andy Cohen & CNN: Doesn't 'Advocate Drinking' On-Air

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By MLC on December 29, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST

Ryan Seacrest is a “don’t drink and host” kind of guy.

The veteran TV host has a few pointers for Andy Cohen and CNN ahead of it’s New Year’s Eve broadcast.

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Ryan Seacrest Has Some Thoughts On Andy Cohen's Boozy NYE Habits

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Cohen has hilariously and drunkenly hosted CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” with best friend and fellow TV host, Anderson Cooper, since 2017.

It’s become tradition for the TV stars to indulge on libations live on-air, and showcase their descent into drunkenness.

While many people enjoy watching Cohen and Cooper giggle their way into the new year, Seacrest feels differently.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the “American Idol” host said, “I don’t advocate drinking when one is on the air.”

Seacrest has been the longtime host of ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.”

“I don’t know how that started as a tradition, but it’s probably a good idea [to scale back], CNN,” he told the outlet.

In year’s past, Cohen has indulged in so many libations that he’s called out Mayor Bill de Blasio and Seacrest.

Last year, Cohen called Seacrest’s performers a “group of losers.”

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Seacrest Doesn't Advocate Drinking On-Air

Ryan Seacrest at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2020 In Beverly Hills

The ‘Real Housewives’ creator ended up apologizing for his drunken misstep, but the damage left a lasting impact.

“The only thing that I regret saying, the only thing is that I slammed the ABC broadcast, and I really like Ryan Seacrest, and he’s a great guy,” Cohen said. “And I really regret saying that, and I was just stupid and drunk and feeling it. I just kept talking, and I shouldn’t have, and I felt bad about that. So that is the only thing [I regret]. It’s the only thing.”

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Cohen Regrets Drunken Slight Toward Seacrest

Seacrest also spoke out about the slight.

“There’s some pretty respectable people or at least one, right?” Seacrest joked about Cooper and Cohen. “I think there’s a serious journalist and then a friend of mine who has a lot of fun, but it’s probably a good idea [to cut out booze].”

Seacrest did note that the alcohol was doing the talking and not Cohen or Cooper’s brain or heart.

“[I don’t] think they would say what they said about our performers if they weren’t drinking,” he explained.

When CNN announced they would be cutting back Cohen’s alcohol intake, the “Watch What Happens Live” host had some intentions to break the rules.

Andy Cohen at Andy's Legends Ball Red Carpet at BravoCon
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The host shared a clip from an episode of his hit show “Watch What Happens Next” on Instagram, where he gave a response to CNN’s new rules. The clip began with Cohen giving the Jackhole of the Day spot to a Variety article with the headline, “CNN Plans to Sober Up Boozy New Year’s Eve Coverage.”

The producer went on to point out an essential part of the article. In his words, “The article does point out that Anderson and I are still allowed to drink. So, we can all say this to my sobriety.” He then jokingly shared a clip of himself from last year’s broadcast yelling, “Sayonara, sucka!”

Afterward, he gestured for the camera to zoom in on his face.

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“I just want you to know Anderson and I are going to party harder than we have ever partied before on New Year’s Eve!” he shouted. “Do you understand me?!” At this passionate declaration, his audience applauded loudly and cheered him on.

In the Variety article the “Superficial” author referred to, the Warner Bros. Discovery-backed news outlet wants to cut back some of the festive traditions in the coverage of the last night of the year’s show.

While Cohen and Cooper would be allowed to drink as they host the show, other correspondents and anchors would be required to put the practice on hold.

This sobriety update comes after the CEO, Chris Licht, revealed to employees in a town hall meeting on November 15 that “he felt on-camera drinking eroded the credibility of CNN personnel and damaged the “respectability” they may enjoy among viewers.”

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