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Randall Emmett's Ex Files New Restraining Order Against Him After Court Rejection

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By MLC on December 27, 2022 at 8:30 PM EST

Randall Emmett’s ex-wife has a bone to pick with him and a judge.

Ambyr Childers has filed (yet another) restraining order against the Hollywood producer.

Following a court rejection to her December 20th request for a restraining order, the mother-of-two filed a new request.

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Randall Emmett Faces New Restraining Order From Ex-Wife

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The U.S. Sun reported on Childers’ recent filing noting that she filed a restraining order against Emmett in October due to a "threatening and harassing email."

In the alleged email exchange, Randall’s attorney said he should come up with the money to “take this c**t out once and for all.”

The person they’re referring to is his ex, Childers.

Unfortunately, the court found the email "inadmissible" and that the email was a "confidential attorney-client communication" and was "inadvertently" sent to Ambyr.

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Randall Emmett Reportedly Sent "Threatening" Emails To Ambyr

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She filed a new request for a domestic violence restraining order on December 20th and he signed off on it two days later.

Emmett has to stay 100 yards away from her and isn’t allowed to contact her by “telephone, mail, email, or other electronic means.”

He is permitted to have “brief and peaceful contact” with her in regards to their two children.

"This new request contains further incidents of abuse separate and apart from those contained in the prior October 25th request,” Childers’ court filing noted.  "In addition, this new request provides further details of the prior physical abuse and threats of imminent serious bodily injury perpetrated by Respondent against Petitioner."

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Childers’ noted that Emmett committed “physical abuse against me including but not limited to attempted strangulation.”

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Ambyr Claims He Attempted To Strangle Her

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She also said that he kept their two minor children from contacting her.

The U.S. Sun obtained a statement from Emmett’s attorney which said, "This is nothing more than a retaliation to the court dismissing Ambyr's first request for a restraining order. The allegations contained in the complaint are completely fabricated. We are confident the court will dismiss her second request."

The rep continued, "Randall is confused by all of this as he and Ambyr celebrated family events together and she has asked him for work."

Emmett previously admitted he was “steamrolled” by Ambyr and his ex-girlfriend, Lala Kent.

The producer and Childers got married in 2009; however, they separated in 2017 after Emmett was accused of cheating on the actress.

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Emmett met Lala in 2015 while he was filming season four of “Vanderpump Rules.” They made their relationship public in December 2017 after he finalized his divorce from Childers.

Emmett and Lala got engaged in under a year. They welcomed their daughter in March 2021.

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"I will always allow myself to be steamrolled in exchange for my children's safety and happiness. Let me be the joke for them if that's what they need," he shared. "But Ocean's the priority, London's the priority, and Rylee, so I'm always gonna put them first before myself and hopefully, you know, that ultimately will be what the overall theme is."

Emmett admitted he’s a big baby when it comes to his kids.

"I have so much love for the three of my kids. When I left Ocean today, I had tears coming out of my eyes. When I leave Rylee, you know, for sleep-away camp this summer, she says, 'Dad, stop crying,’” he admitted. “So, the love that I have for my kids, I just want them to have that forever no matter what. Nothing else is important."

Ambyr filed a domestic violence restraining order against her ex in October claiming he was emotionally and verbally abusive to her during their eight year marriage from 2009-2017.

In court documents, the Hollywood producer stated, “I believe that Ambyr and Lauren (Lala) are working together in [an] attempt to destroy my reputation to give them both an advantage for custody.”

He continued, "Ambyr has completely fabricated abuse that never happened and I believe that Lauren has convinced her to do so.”

Despite not seeing eye-to-eye with his exes, he did say their co-parenting situations are “fair.”

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"We have a schedule that we follow and I think that when it comes to holidays, we're very fair when we share our children. You know, I want to be fair to them. If it's my day or my time, I want to make sure that they have time,” Emmett said. "And if it's their time on a holiday, they'll make sure that I have time. I think that's very important. Like no matter what's going on or no matter what's being said, at the end of the day, our kids determine our fate in life, and we have to put them first.”

Via documents obtained by Page Six, Emmett alleged that Kent and Childers are “working together” to pull him down.

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