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By TheBlast Staff on August 19, 2020 at 12:29 PM EDT

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It's been over three months since Becky Lynch stunned the wrestling universe when she announced her pregnancy.

The former RAW Women's Champion is preparing for parenthood with fiancee and fellow WWE superstar Seth Rollins.

While her wrestling career is over, for the time being, fans are excited for Becky's new role as mom.

However, in recent months, Becky has stayed off social media. Although, she has occasionally been seen in the background of Seth's Instagram videos for his Black and Brave Wrestling Academy.

With Becky keeping a low-profile, many are wondering how the mom-to-be is doing. Recently, Rollins gave an interview for "People Magazine," and gave an update on Lynch.

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Becky Lynch - Twitter

There's no denying that Becky Lynch has had an illustrious wrestling career. Her momentum really took off in the summer of 2018.

Becky was known as an underdog. Even though she was the inaugural Smackdown Women's Champion, her reign was short and she was placed on the back burner in favor of other female wrestlers.

But in 2018, Becky's popularity increased when she feuded with her friend Charlotte Flair over. Many felt that for years Becky was living in Charlotte's shadow with WWE pushing Flair as the star of the women's division. However, when Lynch showed a new aggressive side she quickly had fans on her side, and WWE began pushing Becky as their new star.

Calling herself "The Man," Becky touted herself as the toughest person on the roster.

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After winning the 2019 Royal Rumble, Becky went on to challenge RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey for the title at WrestleMania.

However, in the weeks leading up to the main event, Vince McMahon pulled Becky from the match and incorporated Charlotte into it.

Not giving up without a fight, Becky then won a match against Flair to get added back to the match, thus making it a triple threat.

After Charlotte won the Smackdown Women's Championship from Asuka, the fight was then a winner-takes-all match.

At WrestleMania 35, the three women made history as they became the first female wrestlers to main-event the PPV.

At the end of the historic match, Becky would receive a round of applause and cheers as she walked out with both championships.

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Following her historic win at WrestleMania 35, Becky's momentum continued to grow.

Even though she lost the Smackdown title shortly after, she was still the RAW Women's Champion.

Becky continued to be a dominant force in the women's division and main-evented PPVs.

After successfully defending her championship against Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania 36, Becky was featured much on television.

On the May 11th episode of RAW, Becky announced her pregnancy and then relinquished her title to Asuka by telling her friend to go be a warrior, while Becky went to be a mom.

As for how Lynch is handling upcoming motherhood, Rollins told "People Magazine" that since this is Becky's first pregnancy, she's still trying to figure things out.

Rollins also explained that Becky had to adjust to life away from the ring. He said that as a wrestler, Becky was constantly on the go, but now can't do her job anymore. He also revealed that following wrestling, Becky had some acting jobs lined up in Hollywood, but that's been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rollins says that Becky is a productive person and is finding ways to stay busy throughout her pregnancy. He also teased some future projects she has in the works.

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Most pregnant celebrities aren't shy about showcasing their pregnancy on social media. The mothers-to-be often share baby bump photos along with details about their upcoming bundle of joy.

However, the opposite is occurring for Becky.

When she was wrestling Becky was active on social media by posting photos of her accomplishments and hyping up her next match.

Yet, now that she's no longer wrestling and prepping for motherhood, the star has been silent on social media.

Given that this is a big moment in her and Rollins's life, the couple wants this to be private.

However, Becky fans haven't made it easy for the couple.

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Fans are curious about what Becky is up to and want to know details about her pregnancy. Some of them have become obsessive as they browse online for updates, and ask Becky and Seth's co-workers if they know anything.

Recently when Seth was doing a live Instagram video for his wrestling academy, he was bombarded with questions about Becky and their baby. Seth explained that Becky was here, but she doesn't want to be on camera because she's hiding from fans.

Given the constant harassment from fans, it's no surprise why Becky has went into hiding and isn't sharing updates about her little one.

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Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

With Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins being two of WWE's biggest stars, their relationship created quite a buzz when they went public.

The two had been friends for many years, but didn't start dating until February 2019.

After months of speculation, they went public in May and three months later they became engaged.

The pair had planned on marrying earlier this year, but due to the travel ban, they decided to postpone the wedding so Becky's family could be there to witness the big day.

While they were upset with postponing their wedding, the couple soon had something to celebrate when Lynch discovered she was pregnant.

While Becky is not wrestling at the moment, fans are hoping one day down the road she'll make a return.

As for Seth, he continues to be one of WWE's main attractions and is currently in a feud with Rey Mysterio's son Dominik.

When the time gets closer for Becky to give birth, many expect Seth to take some time off to be with her and their baby.

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