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The Jersey Fight Continues: Teresa Giudice & Family Have Zero Holiday Plans Together

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By Kay on December 26, 2022 at 9:00 PM EST

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice hasn’t spent any of the holidays with her family so far and it doesn’t look like it will happen at all.

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Teresa Giudice, Melissa & Joe Gorga Still Fighting

The Fight Continues: Teresa Giudice & Family Have Zero Holiday Plans Together

The reality TV stars normally spend the holidays together even if they have to pretend to like one another to get through it. However, this year their holidays looked a little bit different. No one attended the other’s house, no sprinkle cookies were offered up or denied.

Most importantly, Teresa’s brother isn’t there for her daughters and he is Gia Godfather. Sources are saying that the couples and their families didn’t come together for Christmas this year and apparently New Years Eve and Day will be much of the same thing.

The family members are currently feuding and allegedly have not spoken since Giudice decided to uninvite her brother and his wife to her wedding to Luis Ruelas.

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Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas Struggled At The Reunion

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The reality star and her new husband planned a lavish wedding and stressed how much they wanted close friends and family there but than failed to invite her only brother Joe and his wife Melissa to the wedding.

With the way that Giudice and her husband insisted that they wanted family in their wedding, they left out two key people. The discussion came up for a few minutes during last season’s reunion.

Ahead of Teresa’s August wedding, the Gorga’s, Teresa and Luis duked it out on the reunion. With Tre accusing her brother of everything from not supporting her to not liking to her fiancé, meanwhile, her brother and melissa are extremely confused.

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No Wedding Invite And Then Some

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas smiling.
Instagram | Teresa Giudice

In addition to not getting an invitation to Tre’s wedding, the couples noticeably made avoided one another like the plague at BravoCon 2022. They went to the same panels and appeared in the same room together on numerous occasions and allegedly wouldn’t even look each other.

Fans were hoping that the couples were able to mend fences by now, it has happened in the past after worst events took place but no such luck yet. And over on Melissa’s IG page, it looks like they are not in Jersey (there is no snow anywhere and no one has a coat on).

Them and the children have packed up and taken to a nice, hot island to celebrate the holidays and in all the photos and videos there is no sign of Teresa or Luis.

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RHONJ Season 13 Is Already Messy

Melissa and Joe Gorga
Melissa Gorga - Instagram

It hasn’t even started yet, and the fans are already buzzing about the new season and Teresa’s spinoff featuring her wedding. Fans want to know what happened and how it got so bad that her only brother isn’t invited to her wedding.

The teaser that was recently released made it clear that the apology and hugs that the couple’s left off at the end of the reunion with did not last long.

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