John Cena's Feelings About Ex-GF Nikki Bella Becoming A Mom

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By TheBlast Staff on August 12, 2020 at 1:15 PM EDT

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It's been nearly two weeks since Nikki Bella and her fiance Artem Chigvintsev welcomed their son.

The former wrestler turned businesswoman gave birth on July 31st, and the next day her twin sister Brie Bella gave birth to a baby boy.

Nikki's fans were overjoyed with the news because they knew how important being a mom was to her.

As Bella fans continue to rejoice in the news, many are wondering how her ex John Cena feels about her being a mom.

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In 2012, when John Cena and Nikki Bella began dating, it caused quite a stir in the wrestling community.

Cena had just filed for divorce from his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau months earlier. Following his divorce, photos surfaced of Cena taking Nikki to her high-school reunion.

Shortly afterwards the couple went public with their relationship. Cena was one of WWE's top stars and Nikki was considered a leader in the women's division.

When the two started dating, they became wrestling's newest power couple.

They caused quite a media sensation with their red carpet appearances and broadcasting their relationship on "Total Divas" and "Total Bellas."

Thanks to the shows, viewers got a different glimpse of the pair's relationship.

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One of the central storylines throughout the many seasons of "Total Divas" and "Total Bellas" was John and Nikki's different views about their future.

Nikki wanted to be a wife and mother one day. However, she was in for a shock when John said he wanted neither of those things.

As John explained, he'd already been married once and due to it not working out, he didn't want to go down that road again.

He also said that because his busy schedule keeps him on the road, he didn't want kids because he doesn't want to be an absent father.

Despite their different opinions, Nikki stayed with John, although the topics of marriage and children continued to pop up.

After some time, it seemed John was changing his mind and ready to give Nikki what she wanted.

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At WrestleMania 33, millions of fans watched as John proposed to Nikki following their victory against The Miz and Maryse.

Yet, just one year after their iconic proposal, Nikki ended her engagement to John, just weeks before their May 2018 wedding.

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Nikki Bella - Instagram

Nikki's break up with Cena left fans devastated, and they wondered if the star would ever fulfill her dream of being a wife and mother.

Nikki would soon find happiness with her "Dancing with the Stars" partner Artem Chigvintsev. The pair began dating in January 2019 and it was evident the two were smitten with each other.

After nine months of dating, the two became engaged in November, but didn't reveal the happy news until January 2020.

A few weeks later, Nikki and Brie shared more exciting news when they announced they were both pregnant.

Throughout her pregnancy, Nikki kept fans updated about the baby. Artem made sure the mom-to-be was relaxed, and fixed her meals and gave her foot massages.

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After waiting patiently for nine months, the big day finally arrived. Nikki and Artem's baby boy arrived on July 31st.

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While Nikki and Artem are relishing in parenthood, many are curious about how John Cena feels about the news.

Cena was reportedly upset over his break up with Nikki and posted inspirational quotes on his Instagram page.

Like Nikki, Cena has since moved on with his life and is now dating engineer Shay Shariatzadeh.

Yet, the topic of his ex continues to come up for Cena.

Upon hearing about the birth of Nikki's son, Cena was thrilled with the news. He knew how much being a mother was important to Nikki and he's happy she's finally realized her dream.

While the exes may no longer be in contact, it seems that there's no hard feelings between the two since John is happy for his ex-fiancee and her new family.

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