Tom Bergeron Found Out Why He Was 'Really Fired' From 'DWTS' At Grocery Store

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By TheBlast Staff on August 1, 2020 at 5:40 AM EDT

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian

Tom Bergeron has been in the news quite frequently this month in July after he was essentially fired from “Dancing With The Stars”. He, along with co-host Erin Andrews was told that they wouldn’t be returning to the show after they had hosted so many episodes.

While Tom and Erin took things in stride, it has not gone unnoticed that they were replaced with former “America’s Got Talent” host Tyra Banks.

As you may know, ABC & BBC Studios applauded them for their time on the show but fired them anyway.

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Instagram @Tombergeron

Tom found a recent copy of Stars Magazine which featured an article about why they believe he was “really fired”.

Though perhaps not really a laughing matter, Tom comically captioned a picture of himself holding a copy of the magazine by saying:

“Who says grocery shopping isn’t enlightening?”

Fans responded by sharing how they would refuse to watch the show after such an unceremonious termination of one of their favorite TV show hosts. At the current rate, it is expected that the show will take a massive hit in the viewership when the next season goes live.

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Instagram @tombergeron

Tom posted several statements online thanking the networks for his time on the show, but that didn’t stop many from theorizing exactly why he would be terminated.

Several prominent TV networks have faced accusations and even lawsuits regarding the lack of racial diversity on their shows. Many are convinced that the primary reason Tom was fired was not due to his performance as a host, but was because the company wanted a black person hosting the iconic dance competition.

The company even praised Tom and Erin for their history on the show and making it successful.

Already a massive surge in negativity directed towards ABC & BBC has arisen on social media. Fans of Tom’s have been outspoken stating how they are outraged that he would be fired with the networks claiming it was so that they could bring in a “new vision” for the show.

This new vision, albeit unconfirmed, is now believed to be nothing more than a political move. TV dramas, reality TV shows, and even movies now pushing for racial diversity in everything to avoid legal action from “Black Lives Matter” and other racial activist groups.

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Gettyimages | Michael Tullberg

The number of comments stating how disappointed they are with the network, and how they aren’t buying that this was anything more than a move to pander has practically gone viral across Tom and Erin’s social media.

“Really unhappy with news you and Erin have departed.......but with Tyra being a new executive producer, no doubt the hosting piece was a part of that...... ugh.” - masistores (Commenter)

“So disappointed that you and Erin were casualties of a “new creative vision”. You will be missed! They made a HUGE mistake.” - pammieb_ (Commenter)

“You were the heart of the show!!! What makes Tyra think she can just come in and make it better! I won’t be watching!” - jo4craft (Commenter)

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