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Fans Encourage Amy Robach's Husband, Andrew Shue, To 'RUN' Away

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By MLC on December 20, 2022 at 4:30 PM EST

Amy Robach isn’t getting ANY sympathy from “Good Morning America” fans.

Rather, her estranged husband, Andrew Shue, is getting all the love and support in the wake of her affair with T.J. Holmes.

Since news of their affair went public in November, Shue wiped his Instagram account clean of Robach.

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Amy Robach's Estranged Husband Gets Support From 'GMA' Fans

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He only has eight posts and the most recent one dates back to May 2021.

However, his [current] first post is from November 10, 2020, and its garnering a TON of supportive comments.

Shue is going for either a late-night or early morning run and actually tagged Robach in it.

“Missing my running partner @ajrobach but feeling inspired by the incredible hopeful response from so many of you to the cause of @thepeopleorg - just getting started - more to come,” the caption read.

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Andrew Shue Told To "RUN" From Robach & Her Family

Many dismayed Robach fans left words of encouragement and hope.

“I can’t wait to see you heal and find a beautiful, kind woman that will appreciate you. ❤️You’re in my prayers. ?? Be glad that you found it and didn’t waste more precious life,” one person commented.

“Take time off for yourself don't jump in a relationship so quick,” another fan wrote. “Let God heal your heart totally before you find a new woman spend holiday with your boys and call it a day if her daughters reach out to you don't shut them out.”

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This Robach-hater left a strongly worded message: “I don’t know you but you seem like a very nice guy. Same thing happened to my son. He found a wonderful woman. You will also. Don’t give up. She’s not worth it. Thank God you didn’t have children together. I am sure you read her stupid book. Her mother is a piece of work. Run ?‍♂️ from that family. You are a gentleman ?”

Someone else simply wrote, “Stay strong! You Will make it!!”

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Robach and Holmes have both been taken off the air at ‘GMA,’ but have maintained a united front.

We recently reported on their loved up outing NYC.

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Robach & Holmes Continue To Put Their Love On Display

Since the news broke, the pair disabled their Instagram pages and have not made an official comment on the state of their relationship.

Despite being the focus of public scrutiny, it seems that the TV celebrities are tossing caution to the wind and moving forward with their alleged romantic relationship at full speed.

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Per Daily Mail, the couple was recently spotted for the first time since their infamous “on-air” suspension, walking together in New York.

They seemed not to be bothered by onlookers and detractors as they enjoyed each other’s company over lunch at a Manhattan restaurant. The pair first hinted at their secret affair as they laughed off the rumors on air, but were eventually suspended from on-air duties.

The couple went incognito after being suspended “indefinitely” by ABC following photo and video evidence released by Daily Mail, suggesting that they were in a secret relationship.

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