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'RHOBH' Taylor Armstrong Puts A Festive Twist On Infamous Cat Meme!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on December 17, 2022 at 1:00 AM EST

Taylor Armstrong is leaning into her mark on meme culture!

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alumna and current cast member of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" has a face that is recognizable way beyond Bravo lovers and viewers of the 'Housewives' franchise!

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Anyone who has spent even the smallest amount of time on the internet in recent years may agree that it has been nearly impossible to avoid Armstrong's face!

Her likeness has been preserved forever in the "cat meme" wherein a sobbing Armstrong angrily yells at her various castmates amid a feud with Camille Grammer-Meyer. 'RHOBH' star Kyle Richards stands behind Armstrong in both the clip and the meme, in an attempt to comfort her.

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Armstrong is indeed aware of legacy as a viral meme, and she is completely embracing it by putting her own spin on it!

Before we take a look at Armstrong's hilarious and season-appropriate tribute to the 'cat meme,' let's take a look at its history, shall we?

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Armstrong Explains The Heartbreakingly Serious Situation Behind The Viral Cat Meme

Earlier this year, Armstrong sat down with Buzzfeed to film an interview for the outlet's "I Accidentally Became A Meme" series.

The forever-immortalized photo of Armstrong yelling at a cat may be hilarious, but the real story behind Armstrong's anger in the original 'RHOBH' clip from season two has darker connotations.

Armstrong explained how an essential aspect of being a 'housewife' entails a lot of on-screen catfights, and many of those quickly escalating fights can inspire many high-pressure situations.

"There's certainly some pressure that comes with it because you are in a situation where there is arguing and things can get pretty tense," Armstrong told the outlet. "We would fight in the day or fight at a party on the show, and then I would go home, and there would be fighting in my home."

Earlier in the clip, Armstrong explains her mother had been a victim of domestic violence while Armstrong was growing up. She would go on to explain that her former marriage to the late Russell Armstrong had been abusive.

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"While I was filming 'Beverly Hills,' I was in an abusive marriage. My husband was verbally and physically abusing me for almost six years," Armstrong explained. She would also share her fear of her husband finding out if she ever told any of her castmates what was happening behind the scenes.

"I was terrified that word would get back to my husband if I shared my story with any of the ladies on 'Beverly Hills' or really my other friends for that matter," she continued to Buzzfeed.

Armstrong explained how Grammer had been the one to reveal Armstrong's private pain to the other women. Armstrong was "shocked" by Grammer's actions.

"I remember looking at our producer across the way and just staring at him thinking, 'something about my life is going to change because this is gonna end up on television, and I have an abuser who is completely out of control, and I don't know if that means he's gonna kill me, are we gonna get a divorce? Is this gonna make him behave? Is he finally gonna go to anger management? What of all this myriad of options is going no happen? I was terrified."

Armstrong also explained how she believed no one in her circle understood the extent of how dangerous her off-screen life was at the time; she had been feeling afraid on the night when the infamous photo was taken at a party in Malibu.

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"I really wanted to get my point across," Armstrong explained of the infamous confrontation scene. "that you don't understand what you've done to me. You've outed something that can't be put back, and the consequences for me and my child could be dire. If something were to happen to me, it would've destroyed my daughter's life."

On a lighter note, Armstrong sent the meme to Richards once it began to go viral in 2019. Richards allegedly responded that she "didn't get" the meme!

"Everybody was like, 'why are you yelling at that cat?' I don't have any idea who the cat even is!" Armstrong continued, "So first of all I wouldn't yell at an animal to begin with, but I certainly wouldn't be yelling at this fluffy little white cat!"

Armstrong Puts A Festive Spin On The Viral Cat Meme!

'Christmas Story' meme by Taylor Armstrong

Armstrong has completely embraced her identity as the lady in the cat meme! She mentions it in her Instagram bio, and has most recently shared a holiday-themed parody of the meme.

In an Instagram Story post from last night, Armstrong posted a tribute to the 1983 holiday film classic, "The Christmas Story." In a nod to one of the film's most iconic scenes, Armstrong and Richards' faces are photoshopped over the actors'!

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