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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Accused Of Mistreating Her Dogs After Dying Their Fur

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By MLC on December 17, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST

Farrah Abraham is ruffling social media’s feathers yet again.

The former “Teen Mom” star recently shared a video with her two fur babies to her Instagram. Story.

The pooches had just come from the groomer, and Farrah showcased their new ‘dos.

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Farrah Shows Off Her Dogs' New 'Dos

Farrah Abraham at the 2nd Annual American Influencer Awards 2019

"Check out Billionaire's haircut and Cupcake's hair too," she gushed, revealing their blue and purple dyed fur.

She ensured the dogs were very well taken care of adding, "The dogs have better haircare and haircuts than adults do now. It's amazing."

However, people on social media didn’t take kindly to their color dyed fur.

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See Farrah's Dyed Dogs

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They flocked to a “Teen Mom” message board and bashed the single mother.

"I’m sorry I don’t think fur-dying dogs is cute at all… put a little sweater or shirt on them, sure! Take them to the groomer to get their fur trimmed up nicely, do it up! Dying a dog… like whyyyyyy though?" one person wrote.

"I don't condone the dyeing, vegan or not," another critic commented.

Another commented, "She’s never satisfied with anything. Always gotta f**k with s**t to make it “better. She’s not natural so why would anything else under her control be?"

The reality TV star caused quite the commotion at her Austin, TX. apartment after she accidentally caught it on fire.

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Farrah Caught Her Apartment On Fire

According to The Sun US, the Austin Texas FD was dispatched to Farrah’s luxury apartment building on September 9th at 12:30 AM. She moved into the high-end apartment building in August.

On September 9th, Farrah had a candle lit on her patio and forgot to blow it out before going into the apartment and falling asleep.

Per a statement from the Austin Fire Department, the blaze began when "a candle knocked over and caught a chair on fire.”

The AFD deemed that the fire was an accident, and no investigator was called to the scene.

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A source revealed to the outlet, "Farrah left a lit candle unattended on her patio after she went inside and fell asleep. Her patio furniture caught fire and set off the sprinkler systems, the fire department was called, and part of the building was evacuated at approximately 12:30 am.”

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‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Gets Physically Violent, Including ‘Attack’ On Farrah Abraham

Farrah’s teenage daughter, Sophia, was in the apartment at the time of the fire. Luckily, neither Farrah nor her daughter were injured during the fire.

On the contrary, the reality TV star’s apartment sustained significant damages.

Prior to the freak accident fire, Farrah was making headlines for her parenting choices.

Many people on social media accused the MTV star of “grooming” Sophia.

In early September, 13-year-old Sophia Abraham shared a video to TikTok about a giveaway.

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She's Been Accused Of Grooming Sophia

‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Gets Physically Violent, Including ‘Attack’ On Farrah Abraham

In it the teen has a voiceover that says, “Hey guys I’m doing a giveaway for my subscribers! To win a dose of roses black and white teddy bear: you and your friend must message me on insta in my subscriber feed, and say that you want to be entered in the giveaway.”

In case you don’t know what the “subscriber feed” is, it’s basically an subscription on Instagram to a particular influencer.

Per embedsocial.com, “Instagram subscriptions are the newest feature that enables creators to monetize from Instagram. This feature offers exclusive content and benefits to their most engaged followers at a monthly subscription fee.”

Farrah Has Been Accused Of Grooming Sophia Abraham

The fact that a teenager is selling subscriptions to interact with fans is scary and Reddit agrees.

The floodgates of Reddit opened and multiple users accused Farrah of grooming Sophia.

“Farrah has been selling DMs with Sophia since she was like 7. The sad reality is that Farrah is grooming her daughter publicly,” one person wrote.

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Farrah Abraham visits the Haunt O apos Ween LA An Immersive Halloween Experience at the Westfield Topanga with her daughter Sophia

“I personally believe Farrah has been grooming Sophia for YEARS to step into her shoes and do the same kind of work when Sophia is of age ?,” another accused.

This dismayed user commented, “Grooming her early for a life of sex work. Farrah is trash. (And I have no problem with sex work. I just have a problem with a sex worker grooming their kids for the same while they’re an underage girl.”

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