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Pete Davidson Friends Worried He Could Spiral While Taking On Joey Ramone Role!

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By MLC on December 7, 2022 at 8:30 PM EST

Pete Davidson is preparing for the role of a lifetime.

However, those close to him fear this role could take a toll on his mental health.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum is prepping to take on the role of Ramones front man, Joey Ramone.

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Pete Prepares To Take On The Role Of Joey Ramone

Pete Davidson celebrated his birthday with Emily Ratajkowski

Davidson is expected to begin filming the Netflix biopic, “I Slept With Joey Ramone,” in the new year.

Joey, born Jeffrey Ross Hyman in 1951, battled schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive most of his life before his death in 2001. The Ramones leading man died from lymphoma at the age of 49.

Given Joey’s own mental health struggles, many of Davidson’s friends are worried this could unleash his own mental health demons.

A source revealed to The U.S. Sun that there are concerns over the pressures that come with the role and the toll it can take on Davidson.

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Pete's Friends Are Worried The Role Could Unleash His Inner Demons

Pete Davidson at Peacock's 'Meet Cute' Premiere

"Pete was interested in this role because it allows him to tap into the tragedies of his own life for more than just laughs or cringe moments,” the source revealed.

Davidson tragically lost his father, who was a firefighter and a first responder to the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks.

The comedian has struggled with depression and anxiety for years, and he also has a history of threatening suicide.

In 2017, Davidson revealed that he had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Given Davidson’s departure from ‘SNL,’ he now has to look to his future and what that looks like.

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Pete's Put A Lot Of Pressure On Himself To Move On From 'SNL' Persona

Pete Davidson bids SNL goodbye after 8 years

“Pete is taking on this project because he wants respect in the acting business, plain and simple,” the source revealed to the outlet. But going so deep down this hole is risky, especially with everything Pete is juggling at the moment. Pete has put himself under serious pressure since he left ‘Saturday Night Live’ and this is by far his biggest challenge yet.”

The source explained that Davidson still feels like he has so much to prove despite his success and massive popularity.

“Quite frankly, it's a recipe for disaster,” the source added.

The Netflix project was announced on April 15th and will be executive produced by Joey’s brother, Mickey Leigh.

It is based off the book, “I Slept With Joey Ramone,” written by Leigh.

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In addition to his blossoming movie career, Davidson has been dating Emily Ratajkowksi. This is his first relationship since his breakup from Kim Kardashian.

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Pete Davidson, Emily Ratajkowski

The Blast recently reported on the comedian and model’s cozy “Friendsgiving” together.

Davidson and Ratajkowski might not be exclusive, but they definitely enjoy each other’s company.

The ‘SNL’ star and supermodel were spotted at a Friendsgiving dinner together.

According to Page Six, the chief brand officer of Bumble, Selby Drummond, shared an Instagram snap featuring the pair having a swell time and enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Drummond quickly deleted the photo for reasons unknown.

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Social Media Worries Pete Will Give Off BDE To Jenny Ortega

Davidson and Ratajkowski’s regular hangouts might mean they plan on getting serious with their love affair, even though the model has made it quite clear that they plan on seeing other people and aren’t in a serious relationship.

On the other hand, Davidson’s alleged BDE never seems to fail him when it comes to getting the celebrities hooked, at least for a bit.

Many on social media are worried Davidson will introduce his BDE to “Wednesday” star, Jenna Ortega.

Many are begging and pleading with the comedian to leave Ortega alone!

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