Kellyanne Conway's 15-Year-Old Daughter Claudia Trashes President Trump On TikTok

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By Ryan Naumann on June 30, 2020 at 12:03 PM EDT

Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter Claudia has become a TikTok star after she ripped President Trump in a series of videos.

Kellyanne has 4 kids with George Conway III including Claudia, her twin brother George IV, and two younger sisters Charlotte and Vanessa. Kellyanne’s husband is known for his anti-trump comments on Twitter. The two have refused to talk about the dynamics of their relationship given she works for President Trump.

Claudia clearly sides with her father during debates at the dinner table. She is making her liberal political opinions known on TikTok in a series of videos.


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In one video, she wrote, “Why do people hate on Trump supporters, like can’t we just respect everyone’s opinions? SIKE nah block me pls and then educate yourself.”

In another, she asked her “leftist, acab, anti-trump, blm” followers to interact with the “angry Trump supporters” in her comments.

Claudia, who clearly has a good sense of humor, posted another clip captioned “save Barron 2020” which is a reference to Trump’s youngest son. Her TikTok bio reads, “it’s a great day to arrest brett hankison, john mattingly, and myles cosgrove,” who are the officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor.

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Fox News

Claudia told her followers there was no family drama writing, “thank you for all the love on my videos but just please no hate to my mom or my dad, they’re both amazing people and I love them so much. No hate to either of them, it’s just me and my views.”

Kellyanne has yet to comment about her daughter's TikTok videos.

Earlier this month, Kellyanne caused a stir after appearing on Fox News looking like a brand new woman. One person on Twitter wasn’t mad about the possible work writing, “Honestly, shout out to the doc that did KellyanneConway’s Botox and/or filler. They did the Lord’s work and did it well!”

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