Kanye West Plans 'Mass Investigation' Of Elon Musk’s Childhood Following Suspension

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on December 5, 2022 at 2:00 AM EST

Kanye West is at it again, and this time his good friend Elon Musk is at the receiving end.

As you might know, the tech billionaire probably stepped on Ye's toes after suspending him from Twitter for another anti-Semitic tirade just days after reinstating him.

It seems the "Praise God" rapper was not too happy about the punishment and took to another social media to question if the Tesla CEO is truly American.

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Kanye West Questions If Elon Musk Is 'Half Chinese'

Three days after he was sent to the "no-tweet" zone by Musk, Ye retaliated in his usual way, taking to his Instagram page to share a note where he questioned the Space X founder's true roots.

"Am I the only one who thinks Elon could be half Chinese?" the Donda Academy founder started his lengthy rant. "Have you ever seen his pics as a child?"

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Kanye West leaving the gym in Los Angeles
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The decorated rapper continued, referencing Musk's South African roots, "Take a Chinese genius and mate them with a South African super model and we have AN ELON." The father-of-four then explained the reasoning behind his statement, writing, "I say AN ELON because they probably made 10 to 30 ELONS, and he is the first genetic hybrid that stuck."

Ye managed to share his piece of mind about former President Barack Obama, also calling him a genetic hybrid. He concluded the lengthy message, writing, "I'm sorry for using curse words in church, but I don't have another word for Obama yet. YE24 Let's unify and find out LUAFO."

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The heated post was shared on Sunday, December 4, which happened to Ye's former's close friend Jay-Z's 53rd birthday. The "Runaway" rapper did well to make mention of it, writing in the accompanying caption of the post, "On Jay Zs birthday, Future president of the United States Ye uses Mark Zuckerberg’s platform to incite a mass investigation of Elon Musk’s childhood photos in the midst of Balenciagagate I call this The theory of everything Problem solved Praise God."

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Musk Suspended Ye For 'Inciting Violence' On Twitter

So what went wrong with Ye and Musk?

As reported by The Blast, Musk initially reinstated the rapper after he was banned by the former administration for promoting harmful anti-Semitic rhetoric. However, just weeks after his comeback, Ye continued his controversial discussions about Jews, Adolf Hitler, and more.

Kanye West fires back at Elon Musk
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He uploaded a picture of a swastika graphically merged with the star of David. The latter is widely recognized for its use by the Nazi Party and neo-Nazis, while the former is an important Jewish symbol. He captioned the since-deleted post, "YE24 Love Everyone.

The image sparked intense backlash from fans online, who found it particularly offensive to Jewish people given their tragic history involving the German dictator Adolf Hitler. Annoyed users even went as far as reaching out to Musk, with one user asking the tech mogul to "fix" the rapper.

Surprisingly, Musk answered the call, replying to the fan, "I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended."

However, before the suspension took effect, Ye was probably aware that he had crossed the line shared an unflattering image of Musk being hosed by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel on a yacht. For those familiar, Emmanuel was one of the prominent voices demanding that Ye be canceled following his first anti-Semitism tirade.

When the 45-year-old was finally suspended, Musk clarified why he actually followed through on his earlier promise, writing, "Just clarifying that his account is being suspended for incitement to violence, not an unflattering pic of me being hosed by Ari. Frankly, I found those pics to be helpful motivation to lose weight."

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(FILE) Elon Musk acquires 1,200+ ventilators from China to help alleviate coronavirus COVID-19 shortage

He later added, "FAFO,” an acronym for “f**k around and find out." Earlier before the Twitter controversy, Ye, during an interview with alt-right radio show host Alex Jones spoke of his immense love for Hitler and praised the late dictator for having innovative ideas.

He gushed about the politician, saying, "I see good things about Hitler. I love everyone and Jewish people are not going to tell me: You can love us and you can love what we’re doing to you with the contracts, and you can love what we’re pushing with the pornography."

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Ye continued, "But this guy that invented highways and invented the very microphone that I use as a musician, you can’t say out loud that this person ever did anything good. I’m done with that,” he went on. “Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler."

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