Migos Rapper Takeoff Murdered At 28

Houston PD Arrests Takeoff's Murderer

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By Kay on December 3, 2022 at 2:00 AM EST

Migos member Takeoff’s murderer has been arrested according to Houston Police Department. Patrick Xavier Clark is in custody.

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Takeoff Murderer Arrested

Houston PD Arrests Takeoff's Murderer

Houston PD shared a photo and released a statement announcing the arrest of the man who allegedly shot Takeoff in the head and body leading to his death. 33-year-old Patrick Xavier Clark and charged him with the murder of Takeoff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball.

“Yesterday evening we arrested Patrick Xavier Brown, 33 years old. He was charged with the murder of Takeoff. Brown was arrested in the fourteen-seven hundred block of sterling green blvd.”

The police also reminded fans of the rapper that there is a previous suspect arrested named Cameron Joshua, 22 on November 22. He was charged with felony possession of a weapon. The short clip gets right to it showing off the photos of both suspects and what they have been charged with, so far.

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Takeoff Passed Away Nov. 1

Migos Rapper Takeoff Murdered At 28

The rapper was unexpectedly taken away from his friends, family, and fans on November 1 after a night out at a pool hall with Quavo.  A fight broke out allegedly over a game of dice and the rapper was hit with several stray bullets.

The Houston police made sure to stress that despite Takeoff’s career as a rapper he was an innocent bystander. In fact, friends and family described him as the least problematic person they know. Fans who met the rapper before his passing also shared great stories about how wonderful the rapper was.

Investigators struggled to find leads in the case in the beginning. They shared their frustration in a press conference shortly after the rapper’s death.

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Partygoers Were Hush

Rapper Takeoff killed at 28

The police were frustrated at how quiet the partygoers were in regard to who had the gun and who shot the bullets that ended the rapper’s life. In their first press conference, they noted that there were at least 30 people at the venue that night, and not one has come forward with any information.

In addition to that frustration, the police had to plead with those same people to stop sharing what they know online and report it to the police instead. They even offered up an anonymous tip line for those who are concerned about being snitches.

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A video of the murder went viral, and this also pissed the police off as well as the family and sensitive fans who questioned the morals of the people sharing the tragic video. Anger up roared on social media with most people seemingly agreeing that watching and sharing the video is out of pocket!

Takeoff’s Family Attacked Online

Offset and late Takeoff

The rapper’s famous family members were berated on social media by people who believed that Cardi B and Offset were taking way too long to share an emotional grieving message. The masses also attacked Quavo for “bringing Takeoff to his death” and “starting a fight he couldn’t finish”.

The insensitivity was wild AF eventually all three people shared their grievous, sad messages online hopefully making the haters sick to their stomachs for attacking people who are dealing with death and not only death but an unexpected one.

Thankfully, that part is behind all of us. Now, we just have to wait for the sentencing of Cameron Joshua and Patrick Xavier Clark.

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