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Bethenny Frankel Considers Tossing Her Balenciaga Attire, Asks Her Fans To Weigh In

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By Kay on December 1, 2022 at 12:00 AM EST

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Bethenny Frankel Needs Fashion Help

2021 MTV Movie

The former reality tv star is wondering what she should do with a Balenciaga purse and dress now that the brand is crashing and burning. Let’s be clear she isn’t too keen on giving them away, but she feels conflicted about owning them even if they hold sentimental value.

“Houston we have a problem,” says Frankel. “I didn’t think I had any Balenciaga because I talked about it and it didn’t really apply to me,” she says.

However, the mom of one was wrong and revealed that in a reel on Instagram. “So I realize I have one Balenciaga bag,” she admits. She holds up the old leather bag to the phone. She says she purchased the bag at TJ Maxx and to be honest, she doesn’t seem too interested in it.

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Bethenny Frankel’s Balenciaga Dress, That’s Different

Z100 apos s Jingle Ball Arrivals New York USA

The purse triggered something in the entrepreneur’s memory. “Then I remembered I was on the cover of Forbes magazine in this dress.” Frankel holds a black dress with slight ruching at the neckline up to the camera.

She remembers she bought the dress from somewhere like Rent The Runway because being on the cover of Forbes is an iconic moment. “That’s pretty major in my life, I mean, don't know if I can ever top that,” regales Frankel.

She looks at the dress with sentiment. “This dress has been in my closet in archive, it has different meaning.” Bethenny takes her followers into her “archive” closet with her and reveals that she keeps memorable fashion here.

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Bethenny Frankel Archived Her Balenciaga Dress

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“So now, that’s a conflict,” she insists. “Are you going to tell me I have to cut this dress into little pieces because it has to be, I think vintage Balenciaga, or do I keep it because it represents my cover and my success,” she asks.

The millionaire is genuinely torn about what she should do. Frankel shared that she only has six dresses in her “little archive section” and she is able to name the event or moment for every dress, two of which are housewives related.

“What would you say to me about that dress? I vote to keep it because it represents my Forbes cover but it does say Balenciaga on it and I don’t know what that would symbolize, me cutting it up.”

Frankel implored her followers to “let me know your thoughts” and boy did they ever!

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Bethenny Frankel’s Followers Have Strong Opinions

Balenciaga Slammed Online For Teddy Bear Bondage Kids Campaign

Frankel’s comments are getting wild, her followers are chiming in as she asked and they have some pretty great advice on one hand, but on the other, some are getting a little mouthy.

“Keep it and don't purchase anything else from Balenciaga,” that’s a good trade-off. No point in ruining something you can’t return and is attached to value.

“I think keep it. You’ve said your piece on their campaign and destroying the dress or giving it away isn’t going to change anything for the better. Keep it as a symbol of that amazing achievement. Also, it’s vintage. It would be totally different if you went and bought the dress today.”

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Kim Kardashian On Balenciaga Runway at Paris Fashion Week
Instagram / kimkardashian

“Memory or integrity.... money ? or kids safety!! I know you didn’t know at the time but it’s time for us to stand up! Love you,” claims one follower.

“I’d get rid of it. I know I’m outnumbered here. I wouldn’t want the bad juju associated with it. Sell and donate proceeds to a children's charity.”

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Lala Kent slams Balenciaga.

In case you live under a rock, the brand is facing backlash over its BDSM children's campaign and while they have apologized twice, people see what the company did as deplorable and they aren't interested in giving the brand another chance.

Furthermore, they are demanding that the fashion house's biggest supporters renounce the brand, which some are doing.

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