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Emily Ratajkowski & Mia Khalifa Receive Backlash Over 'Predatory Men' Comments

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By Kay on November 30, 2022 at 2:00 AM EST

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Podcast Is Controversial

Emily Ratajkowski at Kerastase Pop Party : Photocall

The model is only a few episodes deep but every guest so far has made heads turn. This week EmRata speaks to former adult movie actress Mia Khalifa on "High Low with EmRata" and while the episode has just dropped, it's the teaser that is interesting.

“The one and only @miakhalifa is on High Low w/ Emrata today. We talk sex work, shame, body image, witchcraft, and control. Stream wherever you get your podcasts” wrote the 31-year-old on IG alongside a clip of what listeners are in for.

“any guy who goes after younger girls is severely lacking in their life,” claims guest Khalifa.

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Emily Ratajkowski Wants A Meaningful Conversation

Emily Ratajkowski Is A Naughty Tigress In Sexy IG Post

The host had an inkling that the guest and the conversation would cause a little bit of controversy but this is why she made her podcast. She wanted a place where uncomfortable discussions, like this one, can take place.

The mom of one made it clear she understands Khalifa’s point and adds her own point. “Ultimately, it’s predatory,” claims EmRata. “you’re manipulating someone who is not aware of what you’re giving them and that’s unfair,” she insists.

The women’s conversation seemed to be triggering for many people who took personal offense to the conversation. “Two woman with no clue giving advice lol, wonder how they got to where they are ? No the judge ?”

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“Please, please don’t listen to this nonsense. Amazing how the sexes don’t understand each other. Here is a porn star and a model, both of whom made a ton of money being young & hot, trying to tell you that guys are bad for wanting young & hot women. What the actual F?! It’s not about power, maybe for a small number of creepy dudes, sure, but not most. Like so many things, this needs nuanced conversation, but I fear too many girls are going to see this and thing these women for some reason know what they’re talking about. This is bad intel.”

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Followers Believe Emily Ratajkowski Is Hurting Men & Women

Emily Ratajkowski's post on her Instagram story
Instagram | Emily Ratajkowski

The comments also indicated that allowing people like Ratajkowski and Khalifa to speak on topics like this is harmful.

“This is fairly reductive. While I don’t disagree that some (probably a large amount) men can be predatory when dating younger women, it also discounts a woman’s worth by saying that any woman dating an older man is naive or stupid. Not a great argument to make if you value women’s actual ability to govern their own choices or control their bodies.”

Others pointed out that Ratajkowski isn’t innocent. “Funny coming from someone who dated older guys. Nice job!!”

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Emily Ratajkowski Tells Her Followers To Listen Up

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June 12, 2021, New York, New York, USA: EMILY RATAJKOWSKI attends .Storytellers at the Tribeca Festival 2021,.Spring Studios, NYC.June 12, 2021. 12 Jun 2021 Pictured: June 12, 2021, New York, New York, USA: EMILY RATAJKOWSKI attends .Storytellers at the Tribeca Festival 2021,.Spring Studios, NYC.June 12, 2021. Photo credit: ZUMAPRESS.com / MEGA TheMegaAgency.com +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency TagID: MEGA762117_003.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]

The model is receiving so much backlash that she had to make a video clarifying that there is no reason for anyone to be upset.

“I just posted this video not even an hour ago,” begins EmRata in the video. “There’s already so many comments from dudes and women too being like ‘porn star wisdom’ or like, discrediting her because of her history with porn and it’s like ‘no, no, no, no, this is the exact reason why we should be listening to her,” insists the model.

“Her own experience as a young woman with predatory men is rattling and it’s something we could all learn something from, so I recommend going and listening to the podcast in its entirety and learning from her experience.

The model posted the explanation video on her TikTok and on her IG Stories, and even that hasn’t stopped the naysayers from questioning why she is even talking about the topic when it is something she has done in the past, going on to call the model a “hypocrite”.

“The things I hate about this convo is that it disempowers the woman. Who says she's being manipulated? How can anyone make a free choice? we're all being manipulated,”: noted one follower.

“I wonder if her opinion was the same when she was 20,” asked another referencing her time dating older men.

“So disappointed by this content. This is a personal opinion which is divulged as a truth. It’s always on a case by case basis. Older men can pursue younger women out of genuine and pure interest.”

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