Hollywood 'Black Lives Matter' Billboard REMOVED After Lindsay Lohan Tweets Location

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By Mike Walters on June 7, 2020 at 1:24 PM EDT

The owner of a very prominent billboard in Hollywood is now questioning WHO is responsible for removing its message 'Black Lives Matter' after the location was tweeted by actress Lindsay Lohan.

The giant 100-foot billboard sits on one of the most popular areas of the Sunset Strip and normally is emblazoned with the logo of a media branding company called 'FAME' by Sheeraz Hasan.

During the massive Hollywood protest of the brutal killing of George Floyd, the marketing guru adding a huge black and white banner to his billboard saying, "Black Lives Matter."

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The giant show of support for BLM drew attention from actress Lindsay Lohan, who tweeted a picture of the sign along with a message of support for Hasan.

But, after sitting high about the Sunset Strip for 24 hours, someone took the sign down -- and it appears it could be connected to the huge media attention the sign garnered after Lohan's tweet.

“My mother taught me one thing, your life is a gift from God. What you do with it is your gift back! God has given me a platform in Hollywood with Fame by Sheeraz and I’m going to use it. So I turned the biggest and best billboard on Sunset Blvd to send a loud message that ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER'" Hasan said of the billboard.

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He continued, "It’s no small feat commissioning a crane to rebrand such a large billboard, especially in the middle of a pandemic and riot and on a moment's notice -- the location of the banner is particularly powerful as directly below it, on the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Doheny is where a military barricade has met thousands of protestors over the past week."

On Sunday afternoon, photos surfaced on social media of the 'FAME' sign back to its original form -- minus the BLM banner.

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Lindsay Lohan blasted the person or people responsible for removing the sign, tweeting, "Why did they just remove @sheerazhasan #blacklivesmatter message on Fame by Sheeraz Billboard on Sunset Blvd ?"

Sheeraz Hasan believes it was politically motivated and says, "Make no mistake, in today’s climate any message you say about a politically trending topic will cause a backlash."

The owner of the company checked with The Roxy and The Rainbow Room which share the location with the giant billboard, and neither of them removed the sign.

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