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Kim Kardashian Slammed For Not Having Khloe's Back And Hanging With Her Cheating EX!

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 26, 2022 at 9:00 PM EST

Kim Kardashian took her interest in prison policy in the United States a step further during Thanksgiving week!

The reality star celebrated the event by sharing it with numerous young inmates of an unidentified Los Angeles Center. While some fans appreciated her effort, others were more concerned about the person she decided to visit the center with.

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Social Media Erupts In Response To Kim Kardashian’s Thanksgiving Post

Kim Kardashian, North West and Ryan leaving Costes restaurant in Paris during Paris Fashion Week

Kim caused an uproar on Instagram after she posted multiple images of her and her former brother-in-law Tristan Thompson. The professional basketball player is the father of her younger sister, Khloe’s two kids, having been involved with other women on countless occasions.

The businesswoman wrote under the photos, "This year I want to say thank you to the people I have been meeting in all the prisons across the country,” before explaining what she and Thompson were doing there. 

Within a short period, the mother-of-four’s comment section was filled with questions about why she was hanging out with the NBA star.  One person asked, "Why do yal still fw him on occasions that don't involve his daughter,” and another echoed, “You left Tristan at the jail right?"

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A third critic chimed, “Kim what we aren't going to do is make Tristan the enemy and then try to give him his redemption arc. Blur his face out lol.” A fourth commenter echoed, “Why are u doing this with Tristan after what he did to ur sister? Please make it make sense.”

For others, however, her post held a more profound meaning, and one of them commented, “Let's distract everyone by 1) posting something good we are doing 2) let's post Tristan so people talk about him rather than thinking about the Balenciaga campaign...good PR stunt!”

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A second observer yelled, “She's trying to distract us with tristian! She knows he's controversial and so she's trying to distract us from the whole pedophilia agenda she's supporting! money talks louder than pedophilia for her.”

"Would like to see a comment about balenciaga before seeing this. Your silence on this is [sic] topic deafening," stated a third person.  Kardashian has been under fire since followers noticed her refusal to pick a side amid the disclosure of Balenciaga’s use of distasteful imagery in their campaigns earlier this week.  

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The Blast reported that “The Kardashians” star had recently shared a picture of herself in an Adidas x Balenciaga collab outfit which could be seen as an attempt to shade her ex-husband Kanye West. However, fans got enraged because of a difference occurrence that involved Balenciaga.

One IG user commented, “Irony Balenciaga imitating Adidas. You must have missed the Balenciaga campaign sexualizing young kids with bondage. Sick. Maybe stand for something. For once.” 

“Condemn Balenciaga, have you seen their ads? You have 4 kids!” another stated before a third chimed, “Maybe they should’ve used North and Chi for the campaign, see if you’re going to speak up then!!!” An extremist follower wrote, “#boycottbalenciaga,” with one describing the campaign as “soft kitty porn.” 

Khloe Talks To Kim About Discovering Her Baby Daddy’s Infidelity

Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian arrive at SKIMS SWIM popup store in Miami, FL

Viewers got an intimate look at how the one member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan reacted to Khloe’s news that she was expecting a second child with Thompson on an episode of “The Kardashians.” The Blast shared that the episode opened with the mom-of-two saying, “There is something I do need to talk about.”

The 38–year-old then revealed that she had been unready to talk about the dreaded topic for a while. As it turned out, she was unhappy about an omitted scene from the show’s season one finale when she got the call about her baby daddy fathering another child from Kim.

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The scene in question would have shown Khloe harshly telling her big sister to take her off the call and go talk behind the camera. Her reason for this was that she wanted to tell Kim that she and Thompson had an embryo transfer some days ago. 

Apparently, Khloe and the 31-year-old had done the procedure before last year’s Thanksgiving, and found out about his paternity scandal in the first week of December 2021. Speaking through tears, the “Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami” star told her sister:

"I mean, it’s supposed to be a really exciting, an amazing time, and it’s just a different experience, I think. But time’s ticking, and I keep like burying my head in the sand, but that doesn’t do anything."

Khloe then referred to the backlash she suffered from online trolls when news of Thompson’s infidelity scandal surfaced, saying, “Why would I want to have a baby with someone who’s having a baby with somebody else? Because I’m not that much of a sociopath, I’m a lunatic but not that f**king deranged.”

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