Helen Mirren Reveals She 'Deeply' Loves Her Ex Liam Neeson

Dame Helen Mirren Reveals She 'Deeply' Loves Her Ex, Liam Neeson 'To This Day'

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By Favour Adegoke on November 25, 2022 at 3:00 PM EST
Updated on November 26, 2022 at 12:44 PM EST

English veteran actress Helen Mirren recently looked back on her previous relationship with "Taken" actor Liam Neeson. The Oscar winner has notably been awarded the Triple Crown of Acting in both the US and her home country, the UK, for her contribution to the film industry over the past decades.

Mirren and Neeson first met in 1980 while filming the fantasy film, "Excalibur." They dated and lived together for four years before breaking things off amicably in 1985. The actress married Taylor Hackford, and Neeson met his late wife, Natasha Richardson.

The former couple has spoken fondly about each other for the past few years, ranging from interviews of them recounting their first meeting or talking about how they still felt for each other.

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Helen Mirren Says She Loves Liam Neeson 'Deeply To This Day'

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Mirren shed some light on her past relationship with veteran actor Neeson once again in an interview with AARP Magazine. During the conversation, the "Red" actress revealed that their past relationship ended because they were never meant to be with each other that way.

"We were not meant to be together in that way, but we loved each other very, very much," Mirren said. "I love him deeply to this day. He's such an amazing guy."

The couple was together from 1980 to 1985 and lived together at the time. Neeson previously revealed that Mirren was an essential part of his past and acting history due to her aid in helping him get an agent earlier.

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Helen Mirren Made A Shirt For Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson attends ‘Cold Pursuit’ Premiere

Mirren further talked about her love for making clothes; however, she noted that she was not much good at it. According to the actress, she had a phase of making make shirts and had gifted all her previous boyfriends at least one. This includes Neeson, the late Peter O'Toole, and her current husband, Hackford.

"I make clothes myself, extremely badly, and then I hardly ever wear them because they're so awful," Mirren said. "But I like the process of making them … I went through a phase of making men's shirts. All my boyfriends had to have a shirt made by me."

The actress confessed, "I did make one for Liam, oddly enough." When it was suggested that Mirren had her own line of shirts, she laughed and called the clothes she worked on "very bad shirts."

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 They Were A Serious Couple

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In a separate part of the AARP interview, Mirren revealed that she thought people "change totally." She continued, "I mean, I am a completely different person compared to the person I was at 22 or 23. Even your skin changes. Your body changes. How you think changes."

In a joint interview with Neeson on "The Graham Norton Show," Mirren talked about their living arrangements while together and revealed that their relationship was serious for a time. She said, "We didn't date; we lived together for four years — we were a serious item for a while. Lucky me!"

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The "Memory" actor on his end recalled when they met Muhammed Ali while still together. According to Neeson, the boxer had tried to flirt with Mirren, and instead of feeling offended, he felt proud. "I guess I should have been annoyed. But all I could think was, 'Wow, Muhammad Ali is trying to pull my girl. How cool is that!'."

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Liam Neeson Was 'Smitten' After Meeting Helen Mirren

Liam Neeson waves as leaving The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in NYC

During the Norton interview, Neeson recalled the first time he saw Mirren and how "smitten he felt. "I remember being on the set," the actor stated, "The first AD or the second AD said, 'Would you like to meet Helen Mirren.' I said, 'Yeah, would love to.'"

"She walked from 100 yards away dressed as Morgana le Fay, and Ciarán [Hinds] is my oldest friend, and we both went, 'Fuck.' I was smitten. I think Ciarán was smitten too, but I was certainly smitten!"

According to Mirren, they eventually ended things because it was hard for the actor to "be under my shadow." While talking to the New York Times, she said, "I was well known; I had the money … I had a sense from Liam that it was time for him to come out from under my wing. He handled it with great elegance and grace. We loved each other. It was difficult to let go."

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